The Otariok Warrior

Written by Augustus Vakin-Redblar

Translated by Veselin Milošević

Once, in the age of the Great Confusion, there was a man known as Javes the Young, also known as the Otariok Warrior. He was large, as tall as a young Great Winder, and weighed as much as a male Blue-Tailed Jakey. He was the pride of our great Mountain-kingdom; the Gem-Finders, Redblar, and Otarios the King especially.

During our kingdom's history, a rogue army called the Batte Runners came near the gates of the Mountain. According to history books, those fiends were part of the Dronese Empire's army, but turned rogue when the Empire collapsed years ago. Our army, at the time, numbered 400 men; theirs was at least 2,500.

Once word got around, Otarios and Javes the Young walked out of the gates to negotiate with the Runners. The leader, Batte Nek, walked up to the gate of the Mountain-kingdom.

"Hail Drok! I am Batte of the Runners; investing in your precious gems is why we are here."

Javes walked up and responded;

"You come here to use our gems to make a new order! Lessers like you cannot fool me; we've heard of your raids on our vessels to the Other Countries, so you shall have none!"

Batte Nek unsheathed his sword in an attempt to kill Javes, but his head was quickly slashed off by Javes' 1.5 meter longsword! Javes grabbed the head of the once-leader and paraded it in front of the Batte Runners.

"Listen, demons of Batte! Your 'precious' leader lives no more; for us, he will make a good example to our squires about why we haven't been successfully invaded! Otarios's gems are for his use and trading, and NOTHING MORE! If you don't want to befall the same fate as your leader, walk on these lands no more. And if one of you tries to attack me, I'll have multiple examples for our children!"

As soon as he finished, the Batte Runners retreated to the west, where they eventually died out. Later, in the Great Hall, Javes attended a feast to celebrate the defeat of an army without any losses... on their side. The head of Batte Nek was displayed in front of the Mountain-kingdom for all invading armies to see.

The end.