I just listened to the scariest WAV in the world.

It began with a possible homosexual male being tortured to talk about a thing that doesn't exist. We only know his first name, which is Ben. He tells us how to use this non-existant item. But before that, he welcomes the damned souls to a world where good fights against evil, which takes place all around the world.

He says that the world took 9 years to create, as opposed to Gods 7 days it took to create the earth. He also exclaims to someone who is entering the world that it has been worth the long time it took to perfect the world.

He then goes into describing the item. Ben says that you need to put iron sights on the item and fire at it, which means you would need a firearm with iron sights.

To stop the item, you would need to iron sight shoot it again. In rare cases, says Ben, the items will make you faint, and you will be in a out of body experience, which will show you more of the world. He does say that you can stop it by acting like you're firing a gun again.

Ben most likely created the items, because he wants to know what you have thought of the items, and how he could improve them.

He then tells us his email address in the damned world, which makes fun of his homosexual status, but to him, it's a mondegreen.

He then gets executed by the torturers, for telling them he was a spy. It's so disturbing, yet, you can actually hear. Where can you find it, you ask?

It's in a commentary mode in Team Fortress 2.