Napoleon, the Big Help
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date 12/10/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Happy and the Blackberry
Happy Goes Bonkers (Nuxik)


The episode began with Happy trying to kill June (Danny's mother) inside her basement. He is struggling to kill her with the same saw he used to kill Derry Berry with, while June is trying to stab him in the face with a knife.

Happy says “Master, master, please help me!" and Forenzik, in all of his 'glory' walks in slowly, and says "Yes, Happy?" Happy says "This woman is trying to kill me!"

Forenzik says "Let me help!" and Forenzik stabs June in the back, weakening her. The rest of the episode was a snuff film, recorded on a low-quality home camera.

What Forenzik did on camera to June was horrifying, so I’ll be quick on what Forenzik did to her. First, he cut off her arms with a scimitar knife slowly and painfully. After that, he proceeds to cut off her legs with the same knife and starts skinning her.

After minutes of skinning, she dies, and Forenzik cheerfully says “Oh no!” He opens her guts out and starts eating them.

After 20 hard-to-watch minutes, he finally stops. Thank god. After that horrifying scene, Danny from the TV movie comes in crying and sets Happy on fire.

Forenzik threatens to kill Danny, he runs off-screen, and Forenzik walks out with the scimitar knife. Finally, the Happy Appy model melts, ending the episode.

It is unclear as to what this episode has to do with Napoleon. Napoleon was not a murderer, but he may have killed many people in the same manner as Forenzik did during the war. This is unlikely, however, as soldiers in Napoleon's time shot people with guns, and did not use knives. Also, Napoleon was a general, and the higher positions in militaries are usually not responsible for shooting at the enemy.

Trivia Edit

  • Forenzik, due to being insane, thinks that "Oh no!" is meant to be said cheerfully. Or perhaps this is sarcasm.