Miranda Dies
Season 2, Episode 15
Miranda Dies
Air date 07/12/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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The episode begins with Miranda taking a knife and stabbing Happy's arm, pinning him to the wall. Happy screams in pain and Miranda says "I finally have you in my grasp! Now, I will do what I have wanted for so long." Happy smugly says "What's that?" Miranda says "KILL YOU!" Suddenly, a shadowy figure looms over Miranda. It was none other than Forenzik. He coldly says "The only murder that will happen today is yours." Miranda screams and tries to stab Forenzik, but he slams her down on the table Happy uses to cut up kids. At this point, it’s quite clear that whoever worked on this episode used an obvious stunt double for Miranda, as her skin and hair were darker. Forenzik brings out the scimiter knife, and begins cutting her open. She screams in horror, and as soon as she screams, he’s irritated. To stop her screaming, Forenzik gets a random piece of wood on the floor and shoves it in her mouth, silencing her. Then Forenzik opens her up, and starts cutting organs out, eating parts of them in the progress. (The next part is very disgusting and disturbing, so i'll put it in a nutshell) There is cannibalism, necrophilia, limb dismemberment, and skinning. After that, Forenzik turns to the camera, smiling, holding a chunk of Miranda's brain. Then the episode ends.

It is unknown why Forenzik and Happy used a stunt double for Miranda, since they were just going to kill her anyway.

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