Mean Miranda
Season 1, Episode 14
Mean Miranda
Air date 20/07/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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The episode starts with boys no older or younger than 6-8 being bullied by a teenage girl named Miranda. Happy Appy gives the kids bandages and advice to help them. He kept getting progressively angrier when the episode goes on, starting from being slightly irritated to getting extremely pissed off. In the end, Happy Appy coldly says "Bully one more kid, and you will get a surprise." Miranda kicks a boy in the leg, and calls him "An accomplice to the butchery of this apple." and Happy Appy gets in his van and drives it directly at her. Right before he hits her, the episode cuts into the credits, with promos for other TV shows. The promo was for two new episodes each for Franklin and Blues Clues.

Errors Edit

  • Technically Happy is meaner than Miranda since nowhere in the episode did Miranda try to run over someone with a van.

Gallery Edit

Mean Miranda Footage

Alleged footage of the episode. Happy is about to run over and kill Miranda with his van. This picture is fake, because you cannot see Happy through the front window of the van.