Happy Appy. I remember it from when I was young. It's a clear memory...believe me or not.

The reason why I remember it is because my father went insane because of it. He wanted to learn about it, and we all know that it isn't safe.

The first episode was nice. It was just him helping children. One of the children looked like me, so it kept me interested. But as the show progressed, I started having nightmares. That goddamn clay apple wouldn't leave me alone, and I eventually had dreams of a tall scrawny man stroking me. 

...And then the violent episodes came. The children were going to Happy, but he looked scary. He had this smile that still haunts me today. Sometimes when I look behind me, I think I see him doing that death smile.

I remember watching the kid who looked like me enter Happys Van and never come out. I was scared. I thought Happy could kill me too.

My father would watch it with me..and soon he became distracted from life by the show. And the Two Towers episode....he snapped then. 

He got a kitchen knife, and told mommy he wanted to talk. He dragged her into another room, and then I heard mommy making noises. My daddy told me she was laughing so hard she fell asleep...but she looked lifeless...

They eventually took daddy away. They stuck me with a new family. I got along with my new father, so everything was ok.

The last I heard of Happy Appy was when they showed a re-run on Nick Jr. I have no clue why they did, but all I could think of the whole time was Happy saying 'THAT'S NATURAL, CHILDREN'.