Season 2, Episode 5
Air date 28/09/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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The episode starts with Happy walking on the playground. Then Happy stops, and picks up a lighter. He says “Hey kids, look what Happy found!” It cuts to Happy turning on the lighter. He says “Today, we're going to learn about fire!”. Later we see Happy burning down houses and setting children on fire. After that we see Happy standing next to an actual worm. He said, “Fire can give people burns, and in some cases, can kill them, like this worm!” He set the worm on fire, and you can see its charred body. Happy said “Magnifying glasses can also set small insects on fire!” before walking over to a kid. The kid didn't recognize him, and Happy turned on the lighter and set the kid on fire. The kid tried to stop, drop, and roll, but it was too late. Happy said “Let's go find a house to burn!” and Happy walks over to a house and burns it down. The rest of the episode is just Happy Appy setting stuff on fire. In the end, he says in his cheerful voice “That was fun! You know, you should do just that to make me proud!”.


  • The lighter used in this episode was a Zippo lighter.
  • Happy was never accused of arson because he bribed both his attorney and the judge.

Errors Edit

A typical kid show would not show anything like this.
Happy Appy Lighter

Happy Appy Lighter

Fan-Made Episode by Pasta937