Happy and the Oranges
Season 2, Episode 3
Happy and the oranges title card
Air date 14/09/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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TV Guide SypnosisEdit

Happy Appy kills Oscar and Octavius Orange.


The episode starts with Happy killing the beach jock apple. (This episode must have taken place after Camp Aaah!). We see Happy Appy walking around the playground, with children at play. Happy spots something to the right. He sees two puppets that were oranges sitting on a bench. Happy walks to the bench and says “Hey, who are you?” and the oranges said “We're the Oranges!” and Happy said “Well, I'm Happy Appy!” and the oranges screamed and ran off. Happy shouts “Every goddamn time!” and goes into his van. Later goes to the Oranges' house in the middle of the night. The first Orange is watching TV, while the second Orange is reading a book. The second Orange says “Hey, Oscar?” He replies with “What, Octavius?” and Octavius Orange asks “Did you know that no words rhyme with Orange?” Oscar Orange says “Oh really now?” Octavius Orange finishes with “Yeah. You know what? I'm going to go to bed. Running from Happy tired me out!” and Oscar Orange nods, and continues to watch TV. Happy jumps into the roof of their house, with an orange peeler in his right hand. He whispers “Hey kids, let's go skin the Oranges!” and Happy climbs down the ladder to where Octavius Orange is and peels his skin. After that, he puts Octavius Orange in a vise and starts turning the crank, and Octavius gets squeezed, and orange juice comes out of him, (replacing blood respectively being an orange.) After that, Oscar Orange knocks on the door, and Happy jumps onto the ceiling. When Oscar Orange opens the door and turns on the light, he sees Octavius Orange's body and screams. Happy Appy comes down from the ceiling, and peels and vises him in the same way as Octavius Orange. Then the episode ends.

Errors Edit

  • One word does, in fact, rhyme with orange. Sporange is a botanical term used to describe a spore sack on fungi.
  • The crew seemed to be pretty accurate on the color of the orange's blood, but not on the color of Happy Appy's blood during the episode where his van is crushed. Perhaps they do not understand the anatomy of fruits.
Happys Climbs Downs

Happy Holding Orange Peeler And Climb Down

Happy Appy Happy and the Oranges

Happy Appy Happy and the Oranges

Fan-Made Episode by Pasta937