Happy and the Blackberry
Season 2, Episode 6
Happy and the Blackberry
Air date 05/10/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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In this episode, the character Derry Berry is introduced for the first (and last) time only. The episode begins with Derry Berry saying "Hey, my name's Derry Berry, and I hate Happy Appy!" The show then proceeds to a scene of Happy healing a kid, and Derry runs over to Happy. As Derry runs to Happy, Happy turns around and Derry's arm is stabbed with the scissors. Happy then says, “Remember kids, always look where you're going, or you'll get a boo-boo!”. Derry's fate is different depending on which version you watch. In the original: Derry pulls himself off the scissors and eats Happy. Afterward, Derry explodes. In the true vision version: Derry pulls himself off the scissors and tries to eat Happy. Happy pushes him off and stabs Derry in the eye with a scalpel. Derry screams, and blackberry juice comes out of his eye. Happy grabs a rusty saw and slowly hacks him in two. The rest of the episode is Derry's body being ripped apart.

Trivia Edit

Derry's great hatred for Happy Appy may have something to do with Happy Appy being a vicious killer, or it may merely have been an old grudge between the two.

The existence of Derry may be a prophecy towards the creation of Blackberry phones.
Happy and the Blackberry

Happy and the Blackberry

Fan-Made Episode by Pasta937