Happy Meets the Rhubears
Season 2, Episode 1
Happy Meets the Rhubears
Air date 31/08/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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The episode begins with Happy walking in the playground, with his injuries, and he sees the green Rhubear running around, a sort of cross hybrid between a rhubarb and a bear, in case you didn't get it, and Happy says “Hey, Mr. Rhubear!” and the Rhubear doesn't respond. Happy then says “Mr. Teddy, let's go find some kids to heal!” and the Rhubear nods his head. Then they hear crying coming from the swings. Then Happy and the Rhubear walk over to a kid who hit his head on the swings. Happy gets some bandages and heals the kid. They hear a car ram into another. Happy turns around and sees a long limousine has crashed into a van (which wasn’t his). Then a man exits the car, and it turns out to be Aphex Twin himself. He starts dancing with the umbrella, (but it was just stock footage from Windowlicker hastily put together). Then Happy and the Rhubear walk up to him, and Happy says “Hey, who are you?” and Aphex says “My name’s Richard!” and Happy says “Let's go find some children to heal!” and Aphex says “Sure!” (The rest of the episode is just them healing children who injure themselves on various parts of the playground).

Trivia Edit

  • In the world of Happy Appy, kids do not know how to play on a playground correctly.
  • Rhubears have no vocal cords.</p>


The episode is called "Happy Meets the Rhubears" although only one Rhubear appears during the whole episode.