Happy Appy Goes to the Circus
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date 27/07/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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The episode starts with Happy Appy buying a ticket to see the Banana Brothers' Traveling Circus.

After buying popcorn and a drink, he gets into a seat, and the show begins. After a 3 minute long scene, it goes to the intermission.

Happy throws his trash away when he hears a kid crying. He walks to where he thought the cry came from and Happy discovers a kid who hit his head on the bleachers. Happy heals him using bandages and an ice pack, and the kid thanks him.

Then, Happy realizes that the trapeze act, the Flying Apples, has a missing member.

Happy sees this as an opportunity to make him more popular with everyone, especially children. He gets dressed as Aaron Apple (the other four were Abraham, Adam, Andrew, and Auburn), and talks to the rest of the act about how late he was.

Then they go to the second part of the show, and the first act was, unsurprisingly, the Flying Apples. It finally reaches the end of the show, where the Banana Brothers congratulate kids for visiting the circus. Later, the Flying Apples meets the Banana Brothers, and the Brothers tell the Flying Apples how well they had done in the trapeze act.

Then Happy is seen walking out when he sees a kid get bullied by a bandaged girl. Happy gets closer, and guess who was bullying the kid?

Miranda, back from the dead! By this time, it seems apparent that she has become the villain of the series.

Miranda tells Happy that she has a knife on her. Unfortunately, the video turns into static, but the audio remains intact.

And Miranda could be heard screaming, while Happy is laughing, and lots of slashing sound. Audio is played of foil being torn, then the episode ends

Trivia Edit

  • The other member of the Flying Apples, Aaron, was absent because he was at a party in Winnebago. He was dropped from the team roughly six months later because of continued absences and his chauvinistic personality.
  • Adam apple was a descendant of the apple in the bible.