Author's Note: This story, as well as other stories in the series, were engineered to be the worst Creepypastas ever made. If you want to waste time reading a story that's intentionally awful, be my guest. Otherwise, steer clear, and go marathon Guiding Light. More info on the ruse cruise here.

The following blog posts were made by 27-year-old, Gerasim Yakovlev, documenting more info on the cancelled Noggin TV Show, Happy Appy, and its creator, Freddrick Gorgote.

August 3rd, 2012


The picture that shows the opening title

I was checking my email when I got a message from a fan of my blog. As soon as I opened the message, the contents shocked me. The fan claimed that a new Happy Appy episode appeared on the Internet on the 30th of July. He explained that he found it on a website that he described as "some kind of fucked up YouTube rip-off".

At first, I thought I somehow missed an episode when Freddrick worked on the Season 2 episodes in 2001 and 2002. When I replied, he told me that the episode got released in 2012. I couldn't believe it one bit, but to prove me wrong, he sent me a file of the episode. My worst suspicions were true.

The episode's name was "Happy the Pirate", and began with the intro from Season 1. For some reason, the entire episode looked like it was recorded from a low-quality VHS tape. After the intro, it showed a widescreen view of an animated school. It zooms in to show Happy Appy, wearing an eye patch for whatever reason, teaching a class. Happy turns to the side and tells why he was off the air for nearly a decade; apparently, he was at Apple University, getting a new diploma.

Of course, you should know why he was really off air, so it’s fooling almost nobody. After that, he resumes teaching the class, and it's revealed what he was in class for. Happy Appy was teaching children how to become pirates. It shows a table with various pirate apparel and weapons, including eye patches, peg legs, and hooks. One of the students began playing with one of the hooks, and ends up cutting his hand. Happy looks at him, looks to the class, and says "I'll be right back, children!" Happy brings the child to his van and slams the door. A chainsaw begins to rev up, and the kid gets killed. No sugarcoating; the kid is quite clearly dead.

Afterwards, Happy tiredly walks out of his van and goes back into the classroom. One of the students says "What happened to Aaron, Mr. Happy?" Happy turns to the camera and does his 'trademark' death smile for 30 seconds, before turning back and replying "Aaron... has gone to a better place." To hide the fact that he did something bad to him, Happy quickly says "Hey, let's learn some more about pirates!" He begins teaching the kids about the history of fruit pirates for about three minutes. It was quite funny to listen to, actually. After that, he tells them that it's time for recess. They pour out of the class, and it cuts to stock footage of children playing on a playground, but it wasn't the same playground as the ones in Seasons 1 and 2. It shows a large bully, who looked like he was in his twenties, green-screened over the stock footage picking on young kids. It zooms to an enraged Happy Appy looking out of the classroom window.

Happy goes over to the bully, grabs him by the neck, and drags him into the classroom. After shutting and locking the door, loud yelling is heard from the room for minutes, until you hear Happy slamming the bully against the walls, the lockers, and the door. Because of the bully's size, the door gets damaged. Eventually, the bully is heard screaming in pain, and a neck snapping sound is heard. Happy Appy opens the door to show the entire room, covered with blood, organs, and bones. His eye twitches, and Happy Appy murmurs "If Forenzik was here, my job would be so much easier. But no, someone just had to kill him." Finally, Happy tells the children that recess is over. The students run back to the classroom, which, interestingly, has no trace of body parts in it.

Happy resumes his lesson about fruit pirates. He walks over to a corner of a room that has a TV on a stand. He pushes the TV to the front of the class and puts in a VHS, which depicts how (fruit) pirates lived in ships. The cartoon lasts for about eight minutes, and it ends with the pirate ship exploding for whatever reason. Happy wraps up his lesson by asking the children questions about the cartoon they just watched. To Happy’s absolute surprise, the children answer all the questions correctly. The strange thing about this part is that after a kid answers a question, Happy does his death smile for a few seconds before coldly saying "Correct" and the name of the kid. After all the questions were answered by the children, Happy was so proud of his students that he says he has a big surprise for them. He gets them to follow him outside the school. The screen cuts to a full-scale model pirate ship, similar to the one in the cartoon.

The children are in awe at it. Happy gives a short lecture about how hard they worked, and that they're now ready to become true pirates. The kids dress up in pirate gear and board the ship. Happy climbs up a mountain, and he sits down in a chair holding a glass of lemonade, with the ship visible. The children can be barely seen dueling with wooden swords and walking the plank. Happy turns to the audience and says "Hey kids! If you try hard enough, you too can become a pirate!" A scream is heard, and the ship explodes, sending children, body parts, and charred wood in all directions. Happy isn't emotionally affected at all by it, and says "Don't be scared that those children have lost their lives. They're all dead now, and what's funny is that you couldn't have saved them from their fate, when I could have." Happy does his death smile for three minutes as the video gets more distorted.

The credits roll, and guess what plays? Yep, “They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa”, of course. The weirdest thing with the credits, though, was that all the crew member’s names were “Forenzik”. I can understand why, though. The song was a different version that I've heard on the original episodes. It sounded much less clean, as if the song was recorded in a basement, and not a recording studio. After the credits, an ad for Happy Appy's newest episode plays at the end, but the video cuts out before any clips get shown. I have a LOT of questions about this video. First off, who made it? Was it one of the Followers? Or did Freddrick survive or fake his suicide? I won't know until the next episode premiers, which will be on the 6th.

August 4th, 2012

I swear I saw Freddrick walk into an old slaughterhouse today. He was wearing a ski-mask like the one during Season 2, and he appeared to be talking on an old cell phone. He saw me, though, and dropped the phone on the ground. Luckily, I was driving, so I ran him over. Oddly enough, when I drove off, I saw several Followers run out of the building. But do you want to know what's the worst thing I saw or heard of today?

I've been emailed by a fan of my blog, who told me that a cartoon that was intended to play on Nick Jr in some rural areas of Washington was replaced with… ugh, Happy the Pirate. Luckily, it was only in three or four towns, but this means that Freddrick and his Followers might have complete broadcasting control over those towns. He said Freddrick could have hijacked the airwaves and could have replaced the original cartoon. How did he manage to do this without being caught? This is the first time since the 1987 Max Headroom hijacking that something this extreme was done. I'm concerned about this.

August 5th, 2012

Just a few hours ago, I got an email from the same person saying that he obtained a copy of the original production reel of Happy Appy. Said reel was the one that was shown to the Nickelodeon executives by Freddrick and Keith Blue. It starts with an extended intro for Happy Appy, which had a sane Freddrick singing the lyrics.

Happy Appy Appy App,
Happy App, Happy App!
Happy Appy Appy App,
He helps kids all day.

He was born in Washington,
in the Keith Apple Farm!
He got a degree in caretaking,
From Apple University!

Happy Appy likes to help,
yes he does, oh yes he does!
Happy Appy wants to help
every single child now!

After the intro, it shows Happy's model, which was different from the version shown on Noggin. First off, his eyes were white and had no pupils. He also had legs and feet, but didn't have a leaf on his stem. He began talking, but it was more in a normal voice than the deep voice Trestan Yae gave him. He gave a speech saying why Nickelodeon should pick up Happy Appy, and how it would be a success for Noggin. After the speech, he talked about some of the plotlines for episodes, especially Nate Needs Help, Hurt Happy, and Happy Goes to School.

However, I saw that some of the plotlines mentioned in the reel weren't used in any season. One was a plot where Happy goes and solves a mystery involving a puzzle piece. After the various plotlines get mentioned, Happy Appy stops talking, and the video ends.

Post 2

Okay! So I got emailed again by the man, showing me the true promo for the next episode, Happy's Parlor.

It has clips of Happy buying an ice cream parlor, which is actually a bar, but has ice cream logos plastered all over it. It turns out that the parlor's a dedication to his best buddy, Freddrick. There's not much else to say about the promo, but in the background, there's a photoshopped picture of Happy Appy sitting with Napoleon XIV.

August 6th, 2012

I got a chance to meet with Jim again. He seemed to be freaked out about the fact that Freddrick might be alive, and even more so that he has more Followers. After he calmed down, I showed him Happy the Pirate. He pointed out several things about the episode I had no idea was there. For instance, for a few seconds, when Happy's doing his death-smile after the explosion, the video distorts and cuts to a clip of a woman being hung by the legs over a well, with the Followers surrounding her. I assume I missed that because I skipped over a minute of that scene.

We drove over to the slaughter-house, but when we went inside, there was only a note there;

“Well, did you miss me? I assume that you thought that I was dead. Well, you were wrong because I’d never kill myself! I assume you’d think that, though, because you’re obviously slow enough to believe in anything that results in a ‘happily ever after’ ending! While you were living your life peacefully, thinking that I was dead, I managed to kidnap several criminals and people, and threatened to murder theme if they didn’t comply and become some of my followers. This way, they’ll never stop me and take me away. One of the people I kidnapped will be the centerfold of my greatest helping! Also, I tricked you! Ha-haaa! This is not where I live. I only wanted to let you know that I’m alive.

-Freddrick Gorgote"

I'm getting sick of Happy Appy and Freddrick and his "Followers".

August 7th, 2012

Today, I got sent the new episode, Happy's Parlor. It's shorter than Happy the Pirate, because its 28 minutes long compared to Happy the Pirate's 32.

When it begins, it zooms into the inside of an ice-cream parlor, revealing Happy Appy decorating the walls with pictures of him, Freddrick, and Napoleon XIV. Napoleon looked like he got edited in, however. He turns into the camera and tells the viewer "Hey kids! I have bought an ice-cream store in memory of my best buddy, Freddrick!" He waits for a customer. The camera cuts to a boy walking into the store. He tells Happy that it's hot and he needs something cold and refreshing. Happy Appy gives him a large milkshake. However, right when the boy drinks it, he falls on the floor unconscious.

Happy Appy proceeds to strike the boy in the back of the head to make sure he's knocked out, and grabs the unconscious boy and drags him out of the room. Interestingly, this scene was done in stop motion, and gave Happy Appy legs that he didn't have before. It cuts to Happy Appy dragging him into a large meat-locker, tying him up so that the boy can't get away. The boy slowly begins to wake up, realizing how cold it is. Happy Appy is looking at him through a large camera, with the death smile on his face. The boy gets weaker until he finally collapses and dies.

Happy turns to the camera and says "Hey kids! I know something more fun that we can do! Let's go in my ice-cream truck and give kids free ice-cream!" It cuts to Happy's van, which he has decorated to make it look like an ice-cream truck. Happy Appy goes past a few houses, playing an ice-cream jingle which was the theme song, and a few kids come out of the house with money, screaming "WE WANT ICE-CREAM!” Happy Appy looks and tells the kids "I don't need your money. Just get in the back of the van and take all the ice-cream you want!" The kids believe him, as always, and get into the back of his van. However, right after this happens, Happy Appy shuts and locks the doors, and begins driving as quick as he can while the kids in the back are screaming in fear.

The police begin chasing him, but Happy seems to be paying no attention to this whatsoever. In a flash, Happy Appy turns off the road and goes into a forest, trying not to crash into the trees. The scene becomes more and more intense, as the screen flashes intensely and Happy Appy becomes more and more agitated. Finally, Happy Appy sees a lake and barrels out of the vehicle, letting the van crash into the ocean, which ends up killing the children. Happy Appy looks at the lake and turns to the camera while death smiling.

Happy Appy walks back to his parlor in relief. He turns to the camera and says "Man, wasn't that fun? Hey kids, I have an idea of how we can have more fun!" He pours various lighter fluids all over the parlor, and lights it up with a match. It cuts to the outside of the parlor, which burns up. The police are seen standing by the ice-cream parlor, arguing if Happy Appy had actually killed himself. They also argue over what they should do first, find Happy or the children.

Before they decide, a loud, obnoxious engine is heard. It cuts to Happy Appy in the rusted wet van which worked for whatever reason. He revs up his engine and lunges at the officers screaming "THIS IS FOR YOU, FREDDRICK!" The credits abruptly roll right before he hits the officers. Instead of "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa", the music was "Revolution 9" played backwards again. During the credits, however, I saw something. There were four flashes at random times. I played the credits frame by frame, and what I found was that all four flashes were the same picture, a bunch of random letters pasted everywhere, with Freddrick's 'trademark' smile.

Oh yeah, and the preview for the next episode. It's called Happy's Birthday, and in the promo, some children are celebrating Happy Appy's birthday. The only thing really notable is that in the background, you can see the smoking ruins of the ice-cream parlor.

August 10th, 2012

Hello, my fellow followers. I'm the one you call Freddrick Gorgote, the creator of your favorite television show, Happy Appy, and the reason Fright House Screamers ended so early. Gerasim Yakovlev is a dead man, for I am still alive. Did he really think I would die that easily, or is he just that naïve? I would never stab my lovely knife down into my throat, but I assume Gerasim thinks so. Almost everyone related to Happy Appy is dead, and Gerasim, my stalker who knew way too much, is soon to meet the same fate.

To prevent my arrest, I've gone under a new identity, which I won't tell you because you lot would report me to the cops! I've got a whole crew working on new Happy Appy episodes! Soon, they are to perish as well. It's almost too sad, but that isn't a problem for me. Seasons 3 and 4 have just been planned out, and there might just be a movie in the mix! Keep an eye out for me, Gerasim! You're going to need it.

P.S. If you think I still live in that old blue house, think again!

August 14th, 2012

Yes, I know about the August 10th post that Freddrick has ‘made’, but I’m not sure if he’s still alive or one of his Followers is acting as him. Either he or the Follower used another key logger, or he went on my blog when I was asleep again, which is unlikely. Today, I got Happy’s Birthday from the person who keeps sending me the videos.

Happy's Birthday starts out with Happy Appy talking to the camera, saying "Hey kids! It's my birthday today! I'm 32!" and a kid says "Happy birthday, Happy! Want to open your presents?" Happy does a death smile, and says "Sure!" Happy Appy is seen an arcade at a table decorated for his birthday, with a truckload of presents. The kids are handing the presents. During this scene, you can see the smoking ruins of the ice-cream parlor. Happy excuses himself from the table. He talks to the camera outside, saying "What these kids don't know is that I contributed all but a few of the presents, and they're all things I can use with my friends to ‘help’ children with! Doesn't that sound swell?"

Happy goes back into the arcade and opens a package, which had a knife in it. He sets it on the table, and a kid picks it up and swings it, knocking the cake off the table. Happy gets pissed off, so he says "Hey kids! Billy and I are going to get another cake!" Happy grabs Billy's hand and runs with him outside. Happy Appy and Billy run into the van, which was repaired for the most part. A few remnants of the ice-cream truck can be seen, however. Happy gets a chainsaw and tries to mutilate Billy. Billy is heard screaming, and a guy who was drinking some soda goes over to the van. He opens the door, and Happy jams the chainsaw into the man's face, tearing it open. Happy drags the body of the guy in and kills Billy.

A few minutes later, Happy goes back to his birthday party, and opens the rest of his presents. Happy says "Who wants cake and ice-cream?" and all the children yell "ME!" Happy goes to his van, and gets a marble cake with apples on it, and puts it on the table. He lights the candles, and the kids sing him Happy Birthday. Happy starts cutting slices of the cake, and gives them to children. The children nearly eat the cake when one kid says “Happy, what is the filling of this cake?” Happy worriedly says “Strawberry!” and the child displays the marble cake, with what looks like blood between the layers. It looked more like real strawberry filling, however.

Happy says “Children, give me a moment. Don’t eat your cakes JUST yet!” He runs off with the kid that asked him what the filling was. Happy hesitatingly says “If you don’t mention what the filling of the cake could be any more, I’ll let you play some arcade games!” After this, he brings out ten rolls of quarters. The kid takes the rolls and runs off. For a minute, the kid plays the various games in the arcade. He goes outside, and finds a photo booth named “Lenny Lemon’s Photos”. He goes into the booth, and shuts the curtain. After pressing a few on-screen buttons, the kid is ready to take his photo, when Happy Appy jumps out from the back and strangles him. Happy had set up his van to look like a photo booth!

The booth begins to break apart, revealing Happy's van. The kid is heard screaming, and mutilation noises can be heard. The door slides open to show Happy doing his death smile, with body parts and blood everywhere. Happy goes back into the party room, and says “Now you can eat the cake!” The kids eat their cakes, and start to throw up. Happy Appy begins to smile as the kids keep puking until they fall unconscious. He drags all the children to his van, and drove off. A long driving scene happens, with Happy nearly falling asleep at the wheel, and Happy parks his van into his house. He drags the kids into his basement, and for the rest of the episode until the credits, he does that damn smile.

The credits had no music, just heavy breathing by someone in a mask. It showed the promo for the next episode, Danny Returns. All it shows is a monologue by an older Danny explaining what Happy did many years ago. Off-screen, Happy Appy says “Hey, Danny!” and the promo ends abruptly.

August 15th, 2012

Today, I got a letter from the Otis Lenz Factory, once famous for producing high-quality furniture, for whatever reason. The envelope was heavily wrinkled and moldy, like it was stored in a safe for a hundred years. After opening it, I found an undated letter, telling me that my presence was required at the factory. Clearly, I had suspicions about this letter, so I researched the factory's history. It turns out that the Otis Lenz factory shut down in 1997 due to a fire, so either the letter was delivered extremely late, or one of Freddrick’s helpers is trying to lure me so that he/she could kill me.

August 17th, 2012

I went to the Otis Lenz Factory yesterday. Ever since the fire, it has become a very popular target for urban exploration in Aberdeen; most of what remained inside the factory was stolen, save for the machines that made the furniture. After parking in what remained of the parking lot, I went inside the factory with a revolver and a flashlight. As soon as I said “Is anyone in here?" I caught a glimpse of someone in a chair. I pointed my flashlight, and I instantly knew who was in the chair.

It was Tristan Mike Drews.

Unlike the bodies of Kevin, Trestan, and Miranda, his body wasn’t horribly disfigured since the only visible knife mark was a deep one in his throat. In his hand was a CD, which meant one of two things: it was or wasn't a leaked episode. I took the CD, but I heard saw two red eyes and giddy laughter in the distance. I didn't feel like fighting one of the Followers today, so I got out of the factory and drove home. While driving off, I saw at least three more Followers, staring at me like they were the Village of the Damned.

After getting home, I put the CD in a laptop that I had reformatted in case the disc held a virus. It was full of a hundred or so notepad files, and a video. All of the notepad files were just gibberish, but the video was very... interesting. It was about 66 minutes long, named "happyappyepisodecreation2.wmv", and starts with the Forenzik mask staring at the camera for about 15 minutes. It turns to static for a minute, and Happy Appy is seen lying on the mask, with his death smile. After the minutes, the camera falls to the floor, and an unknown man can barely be seen in another room. He picks up the camera and holds it to his face, and says "Hello there! I’m Freddrick Gorgote, the owner of my little group! Today, I'm going to show you how we're making the newest episode, Danny Returns!"

He goes into a basement, which is massive, and holds several blue screen sets. In the middle, a man is tied up in a chair, with duct tape in his mouth. He walks up to him, and removes the duct tape. Freddrick says "This nice man here is Ray Bollia, or Danny, if you prefer!" Danny says "I hope you all burn in hell. One day, you will pay for what you did to my sister, father, and mother!" Freddrick says "Oh, I'll die one day, but not before you do!" and puts the duct tape back on. Danny, in a muffled voice, starts screaming in anger.

Freddrick says "Ignore that pathetic man. Anyways, it begins with writing the script!" and points the camera towards a typewriter with some paper in. Freddrick says "Just for you, I'll show the name of the episode after Danny Returns!" and zooms the camera in toward the title, which was "A Day at the Tracks". Freddrick says "I'm not saying what the episode is about, but I will say that it will be the best episode yet until the one after that is made!" He says "After the script is done, I get the props necessary for the episode!" and a table full of props is shown. He says "I make the props myself, while a few of my Followers gets the parts! After I make the props needed, I get the cast, if you insist."

At the back, some kids are heard screaming. Freddrick walks to the back, and a cage with some malnourished children comes into view. At the thirty minute mark, Freddrick says "These are the cast, other than Happy and whoever is playing as Forenzik! After we get the kids, we start filming the episode. I'm on a scene with Danny and Happy." A Follower unties Danny, and he tries to strangulate the Follower. Freddrick grabs his scimitar knife and stabs Danny in the shoulder. He screams, but tries to strangle the Follower again. Freddrick grabs the knife and begins twisting it to the left. Danny finally gives in, and Freddrick drags him over to the blue screen set.

Freddrick readies the camera, says "Action!", and begins filming the scene. Danny walks in-frame, holding his bloodied shoulder, with Happy's clay model being held up close to the camera. Danny pretends to bump into Happy, and Danny gasps. He instantly says "You! It's been a long time, hasn't it?" Happy says "Yes, yes it has. I have always wanted to kill you since you tried to kill me by blowing the blue barn up." Danny reaches into his pocket, saying "Yes, yes" and brandishes a knife. Freddrick says "CUT!" and turns to the camera. He says "I can't show you anymore. You'll just have to watch the episode to find out if Danny dies, Happy Appy dies, or neither of them gets killed." It goes to static for the rest of the video, but during some parts, I heard the sounds of what seemed like a murder.

I'm absolutely horrified at this. I mean, it was already bad when Freddrick slaughtered kids back in 2001, but this is just too much. For one, Freddrick Gorgote has friends this time around that can help him produce episodes faster, and second, he's treating the kids, as well as Danny, worse than before! I am definitely going to try to stop the Followers by the end of the year.

August 20th, 2012

So I looked at the hanging clip in Happy the Pirate, and I found out that the woman who was being hung was actually Jenny from Season 2. How do I know this? Because I found the full 10 minute video of her being murdered on a private LiveLeak video. It's in the same VHS quality of Happy the Pirate. The video was sickening because after she's knocked out and hung by her legs on a pole, Freddrick makes a long speech about how insignificant death and women are, while all the Followers listen.

After the speech, her body is set on fire, and she wakes up. She screams in agony for a few minutes, until she finally dies. One of the Followers puts out the fire on her body, and cuts her head off with Freddrick's knife. Finally, they all cut her head open, and eat parts of her brain. This goes on for a couple of minutes, but it felt like an hour. The entire thing looked like a cult gathering, and everything about the video was just awful. I really need to stop this thing before it progresses to the point where my entire family is dead.

Also, I heard that Newport was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Good for him!

August 21st, 2012

Today, I was emailed “Danny Returns”.

Danny Returns starts out with a young adult man sitting on a bench in the playground. He turns to the camera, and says “Hello, everyone. My name is Danny, which some viewers might recognize me as the brother of Miranda and son of June in Season 2. I have returned to the old playground to kill Happy Appy for what he has done to my life and family.” It goes into a flashback, where Danny explains how Happy Appy permanently ruined his life, and how he wants to pay his dead family members back.

He sees a kid playing in the sand pit, and gasps at the fact that Happy Appy is coming near him. Danny distracts the kid from Happy by throwing a dollar outside the sand pit, and he gets out of the sand pit to get the dollar. The kid proceeds to buy ice-cream from a vendor. Happy notices the man, and says “Why did you do that? I was only trying to help him!” Danny says “Last time you ‘helped’ children, you died because of me.” Happy gives him a sly look, and says “Ah, it’s you. It’s been a long time, Danny. Tell me, what happened to you after I died?”

Danny says “Would you really think I would tell you that?” Happy brings out a red-hot fire poker, says "Yes", and stabs Danny in the arm. Danny screams in pain, and clutches his shoulder. Happy starts stabbing Danny repeatedly and it cuts to a police officer watching Happy Appy stab Danny. He spits out his coffee, and turns the sirens on. Happy looks to the side, says “Damn!” and cheerfully adds “You’re lucky you’re still alive, Danny! If it wasn’t for the police, I would have had my way!" Happy runs to his van and drives off, with the police car chasing him. It cuts to Happy on a freeway on his van, with the subtitle “1 HOUR LATER” present.

The inside of the van actually looked normal for once. There was no blood, organs, paintings of roses or knives or saws. I wonder why it’s clean this time. Happy goes to his house, but notices smoke coming from where his house was. Worriedly, he parks his car, and notices that his house was burned down. Happy is infuriated, and finds a note on the ground, saying that Danny set his house on fire in revenge for what Happy did to him. Happy finally snaps, and runs to his van, driving off to the playground. The episode ends with no music over the credits, and it went to the promo for the new episode A Day at the Tracks.

Happy announces over the radio that a grand race for charities will happen, and that kids are only allowed to race. It shows children lining up to race in ‘Ron Raisin’s Grand Race’. It looks innocent enough, until the very last second, where it zooms out over the race. Two things are notable. First off, the kids seem to be lining up at what looks like abandoned train tracks. Secondly, Forenzik is barely seen handing out flyers for the race.

August 25th, 2012

Remember when I talked about how I ran over Freddrick a few days ago? Well, I guess that didn't kill him because I read a news report about him being arrested! The episodes I'm watching were probably made before he got arrested. Knowing Freddrick, I doubt this means the end of his legacy.

August 26th, 2012

I bought a DVD off of eBay entitled "RARE HAPPY APPY MISSING SCENES", which was, obviously, missing scenes from the show. Each deleted scene was not only in VHS quality, but also looked cheaper than the aired Noggin version. Here are the deleted scenes on the DVD.

  • Hurt Happy - Happy breaks his stick, as usual, but instead of him saying "Oh no, I hurt my stick!" in the original version, it's much more unnerving, with Happy yelling and screaming more.
  • Nate Needs Help! - Happy uses the knife that Nate cut himself with to stab a bully in the head, who was picking on a group of eight year olds.
  • The Towers - The kid who was crushed under the rubble is shown for a lot longer, around five minutes, and eventually the scene ends with him passing out due to the thick air.
  • Happy in Space - Happy returns to Earth, and writes a book about his experiences on the shuttle and the 'ISS'. Freddrick is shown for the first time on the show, congratulating Happy Appy for being the first apple in space.
  • Hospital Doctor - The nurse calls the police on Happy, but is shot in the back of the head by Freddrick who happens to see this.
  • Happy's Parlor - A clay banana puppet is kidnapped and killed off-screen. After this, Happy walks back in with a yellow ice-cream cone and takes a bite out of it.

These scenes are very interesting. As for the out-of-place deleted scenes in "Hurt Happy" and "Nate Needs Help", I can safely assume they were created by Freddrick, and not by the original cast.

August 27th, 2012

Today, I watched A Day at the Tracks. It begins with Happy Appy saying “Hey kids! Your old pal, Happy Appy, is going to host a race tomorrow!” It cuts to Happy near a mountainside, setting up various décor for the race. He says that the race is for kids only, and costs a dollar to get in. After that, Freddrick walks in, and says “Hello there, Happy, did you miss me? I sure missed you! Anyways, did you want me to hand out flyers for this race?” Happy agrees, and Freddrick is seen giving people flyers for two minutes. He does various techniques to get people to join the race. Freddrick staples flyers to telephone poles, hands out flyers on the street, and puts the flyers in people’s mailboxes. Interestingly, some of the shots have Freddrick badly green-screened on black and white 1960s footage.

It cuts to a day later, where a few kids come to Happy’s race. They get dressed in racing outfits, and stand on the starting line. Happy Appy is seen in a dressing room getting dressed in a mascot costume. He says “I’m dressing up as Ron Raisin so that the kids won't realize that I'm hosting it!” After that, more kids come and join Happy’s race. A raisin puppet walks up to a stand and checks the microphone, and after that, he says “Welcome, welcome to Ron Raisin’s Grand Race! Make sure you grab a map and a bottle of water for this race, as it will be long, but rewarding!” The children go to a stand run by a man who looks like Mervyn Payton, and they take a bottle of water and a map each.

After that, Ron says “Now, whoever is in first place in the race will get a prize of 1,000 dollars! The second place winner gets 500, third place gets 250, and everyone else will get 10 bucks!” The kids cheer, and Ron says “On your mark, get set, go!” and the kids run down the tracks. A bunch of stock footage of kids running and/or walking plays. When all the racers are gone, Ron unzips himself, and Happy starts laughing insanely. After throwing the Ron Raisin costume to the side, Happy says “What the kids don’t know is that at a certain point in the race, there will be a long, dark tunnel. My friend’s Followers will be in that tunnel, waiting to kill them all! If that doesn’t stop them, the water will surely get them!” He proceeds to walk off-screen, but comes back and says "What? Did you expect me to have a train mow them down?"

More stock footage of people running is seen, with around a quarter of it being teenagers and adults running. After this, the children go into an old, abandoned tunnel in a still shot. After a minute, some children start screaming, and the cutting of flesh is barely heard. Suddenly, the scene goes absolutely batshit insane! Kids are screaming as various unknown people are killing them. Some cry for their parents, and others try to push whoever is killing them away. And let's not forget that there were the noises. And, dear god, the noises were the worst part, ranging from knives cutting flesh to organs being violently ripped out to blood being spilt on a rocky dirt floor. After minutes, though, the screams and murderous noises fall silent.

It goes to the other end, where one kid is seen running away from the tunnel, screaming and crying. As he gets closer to the camera, it's clear that the kid had obtained a few cut marks and blood stains on his body. He runs to the finish line, where Ron says “Well done! You won the race, and for that, you get your 1,000 dollars! But you look very injured, so how about I patch you up first before you take the money?” The kid nods, and Ron slowly takes him to a large shack with a rusty sign that says “HAPPY APPY CLINIC”.

After a few moments, though, the kid is seen screaming again, Happy Appy begins to kill him, and the credits play. The song was an obnoxious snare, and nothing more. The promo for the next episode was... weird, to say the least. It was called “Happy Makes a Movie”, and began with Happy saying “Hey kids, I’m making a movie!” Happy begins to make a tree house, a Follower slicing someone’s throat, Happy playing the bongos, singing a song in German, and a zoom-in of a fake propaganda poster with Napoleon XIV in it.

August 28th, 2012

Apparently, there was a deleted scene from A Day at the Tracks that could be the beginning of Happy Makes a Movie. After the scene where Happy kills the winner of the race, he exits the shack with all the money he planned to give to the winning children. Happy goes to a movie director, who is obviously a child, and puts the money on his desk. Happy tells him that he wants the director to help him create a horror movie. The director thinks about it, and asks where the script is. Happy does his death smile and proceeds to murder him off-screen. After this, Happy Appy exits the room, carrying a wagon full of money bags.

I don't know why Freddrick deleted the scene. Maybe it made the episode too long? Or maybe he liked how the episode ended, for he's a very sick fuck!

August 31st, 2012

Jim Forester has just emailed me three things that he just found that are related to Happy Appy and/or Freddrick Gorgote.

A few days back, he called the Tsunami hotline in Episode 4. Sometime during the only time I called it and when I got Happy the Pirate, the line must have gone out of service since he heard the 'your call could not be completed' recording. However, according to Jim, the quality of the recording was so distorted that it sounded like an Irish man was dying. The second thing he found was that a man was killed by a van in a hit and run in Corpus Christi, Texas. It doesn't sound noteworthy, unless it involved an employee or Freddrick, but there were three facts about this murder that I felt it needed a mention on the blog.

The first fact was that the man was Nate from "Nate Needs Help!" How do I know this? When Nate was killed, he was five days after turning 20, which means Nate was around six when he starred in Happy Appy. The news article had a photo that showed him on his sixth birthday. He looked almost exactly like he did in "Nate Needs Help!" The second fact was that also on the news article was a picture of the van taken a minute before it ran over Nate. It shows the unknown assailant going into the van, which looks exactly like Happy Appy's van. It's the same color, has the same window tints, and even has the license plate, HPY APY. The third and last fact was that Nate was killed a day before I got the email with Happy the Pirate.

The last thing was that the girl who played Abigail is one of the few Season 2 cast to survive throughout the years since she had sent Jim a letter confirming she's still alive.

September 3rd, 2012

Today, I was sent the episode “Happy Makes a Movie”. Before I tell you about the episode, however, I'd like to mention that along with the episode, “They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa” was included with the download. It was the same slightly distorted version from Happy the Pirate, but in full-length. In this version, the background noise was much more noticeable, and the sirens sound much different from the more popular version. It's as if this was a rough draft of the song, which if so, I wonder how it was obtained. Knowing how obsessed Freddrick is, I wouldn't be surprised that he stole it from a vault, or even from the original person who created the song!

The episode begins with Happy Appy at an animated movie studio. Some clay fruit puppets are in the background, setting up what appears to be a horror movie set. Happy turns to the camera, and says “Hello, children! Your old pal, Happy Appy, is making a movie today! It will be called Children of Disease!” He goes on about the plot. An insane man goes around killing children that have been deemed as a disease by the killer. It must have been inspired by Freddrick. He films the first scene, where a newsperson talks about a serial killer who murders children.

After that, Happy begins to film the first murder scene. He tells everyone but the kid who would be in the scene to go away. Even though he said it very suspiciously, the crew members, who are, of course, children, leave the studio. Happy talks to the kid, whose name was Andrew, about how he’s going to be a star in a very popular movie. Andrew is seen walking in a forest set, wielding a flashlight. All of a sudden, Freddrick jumps from the side, and stabs the kid. What followed was another snuff film scene, but this time, it was thankfully quick, at almost two minutes.

After that, Happy turns to the camera, blood on his face, and gives a death smile for a minute, before he tells the crew to come back in. The crew walks in, and Happy is shown cleaning up the blood stains of the kid. When a crewman asks what happened, Happy says “Oh! I’m just cleaning up the remains of the blood pack.” He sighs in relief, and more normal scenes are shown being filmed, but they were put in a 1 minute 30 second montage. In one scene, Happy builds a tree house set and put in the Napoleon XIV poster. Eventually, it was time for the second murder scene.

Happy told the crew to go away, and they did, but one of them hid and watched what happened. The following scenes were seen from the point of view of the crewman. Happy Appy begins to film the scene, and Freddrick is barely seen murdering a kid, which is more bearable than the first murder. After a minute, though, it zooms into Freddrick, and you can see the murder in more detail. Plus, it’s longer than the first one, at four minutes. After that, the crewman gasps, and Happy says “I hear you!”

It cuts to the outside of the studio, where the crewmembers are discussing how Happy Appy could be mentally unstable. Happy argues with the crewman for a minute, and, like the scene in Happy the Pirate with the bully, the crewman gets killed by Happy Appy, but this time, Freddrick helps kill the crewman. It occasionally showed the reactions of the other crewmembers, ranging from curiousness to horrified and even a smug look. After a minute, Happy Appy tells the crew to come back in. They do as he says, and the first thing they see is Happy with his back turned to them. One of the crewwomen says “What happened, Happy?”

Happy slowly turns around with an insane appearance. His right eye was twitching slowly, there was blood on Happy’s teeth, he had rapid breathing, and he held a knife in his left hand. The employees were creeped out at Happy's appearance. When one employee said “Happy Appy, are you okay?” Happy said in a high-pitched stuttering voice “I’m fine, my f-f-friends! Just c-c-come over h-h-here and I’ll show you a c-couple of changes to the script I m-m-made!” After that, multiple Forenziks lock the doors to the studios, and it cuts to the outside of the studio, where the crew scream as the Forenziks murder them.

It was a little gorier than the scene from A Day at the Tracks. Various sickening sounds could be heard, like the insane laughter of the Forenziks and Happy Appy, the cutting of flesh and various body parts falling to a cold concrete floor, as well as someone's head hitting said floor, horrified screams that turn into gurgles, and the employees struggling to get away and unlock the doors. After that scene, it went to the credits, which were surprisingly normal. That is, until it got to the preview for the next episode, Happy's Hotel.

It starts out with Happy Appy in a hotel lobby, putting up various pieces of furniture. He turns to the camera and says "I'm going to own a hotel today!" The rest of the promo shows children sleeping in a room, with a big shadow looming over them. The end of the promo said that it would be released on the 17th, meaning that I have to wait two weeks before I see this episode. I hope that it isn't as gory as the earlier episodes. Knowing the Followers, though...

September 5th, 2012

I was right, Freddrick broke out. The newspaper came today, and it read that several criminals have escaped, and citizens must stay inside until they have either been captured or killed. I'm not letting that bastard frighten me, so I'll go outside like I normally do.

September 7th, 2012

I had another meet with the Followers again. This time, however, it happened at my house.

It started when I was watching some funny YouTube videos and talking to my brother over Skype about 12 in the night. Vladimir was going to come over tomorrow, but he got really sick, so he had to delay the flight for a week. As soon as I stopped talking to him, I heard one of my kitchen windows being opened. I grabbed a flashlight and a gun and walked to where I thought the noise came from. I reached the kitchen windows, and saw that the center one was open for whatever reason. I grabbed the bottom pane and shut it, and as I was doing this, I saw a member of the Followers standing in the dining room.

I grabbed the light and shined it at the Follower's face. I saw that he was wearing the Forenzik mask, and not the odd baby one. I jumped back a bit, and yelled "Who the hell are YOU?!" He coughed for a bit, and said in a deadpan muffled voice "Hello, Gerasim. I am Toirdhealbhach Quirk, old-time Follower of Freddrick Gorgote. You can call me Toird, for short." I said "Why are you here?" He chuckled, coughed some more, and replied "I'm here to warn you about your fate if you keep researching Happy Appy." I sighed, and asked "Let me guess, you're going to kill me if I delve deeper into the show. I've played this game a few times before, and I was winning all of them!"

Toird coughed some more, before glaring at me. He uttered "Well done. You're right for once in your life, Gerasim! But it's not exactly going to be like that. You see, if you keep researching the show, we're going to slice you up." I laughed at what he had said. He flew into a rage and screamed "DO YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE, YOU RUSSIAN PIECE OF SHIT?" I decided to respect him and stop laughing at his threat. Telling himself to calm down, Toird calmly replied "Agh, okay. I apologize for that outburst. You see, we're going to grab you by the hair one day and knock you out, like Happy Appy did to the boy in Happy's Parlor. We'll drag you back to where we're hiding, which I will not tell you, and we'll torture you in the most natural way possible. Slowly, that is." He chuckled, which turned into a boisterous madman cackle.

After a lot of laughing, Toird calmed down and said "We'll chop your hands off and feed them to our dogs. Your feet will be no more as we cut them off with a jigsaw. Your nose and eyes will be burnt with a blowtorch. We'll rip out your hair and teeth violently, causing you to bleed from your scalp and gums. After you die, which you probably will after this stage - because you're very weak - we're going to dispose of your body with the good old hung, drawn, and quartered method. After that, we'll pin your body parts to the most visited buildings of Aberdeen." At this point, I was frightened and disturbed at the same time.

Toird continued to keep talking. "After that, we'll mail some of your body parts to your family. Oh, and your brother? Once he comes over and visits your grave, we'll do THE SAME TO HIM, BUT PROBABLY WORSE!" He did his laughing routine once more before being thrown into a coughing fit. Once he calmed down, he finally said; "Now, listen to my deal; do not research Happy Appy anymore, and we will forget you like you never found the show in the first place! Got that? Well, do you?" I sighed again, and shot him in the chest. He fell over, screaming and laughing in pain. I walked up to him, and said "No. I won't stop researching Happy Appy. When you and your 'brothers' do shit like this, I want to research your show more, Toird. So, listen to my deal. You guys will stop trying to kill me. You got that?"

He chuckled, coughed up some blood, and said "That's one shitty deal! When Freddrick hears about this, he'll spend less time filming episodes... and more time sending us after you, as well as killing children. You've made a very bad mistake, and you are going to regret it. I promise it!" After that, I grabbed my phone and called the police. The entire time, Toird was mocking me, forcing me to tell him to shut up or else he'd be shot again. The police finally came and took Toird away, and I spoke to Sergeant Newport for about ten or twelve minutes about the Followers.

I'm working with him to stop them once and for all. There's only one problem; we don't know where they are, so until Toird coughs up some evidence, it's a mystery to us. At the very least, I have some strong physical evidence to show Newport that Freddrick and his Followers do, in fact, exist.

September 10th, 2012

On the 9th, I got a call from Jim Forester. He had read my post about the 'meeting' with Toird Quirk, and said that he was trying to find more facts about Happy Appy that would help me find out where Freddrick was hiding. He continued that I should go back to the Otis Lenz factory and the John Wilkinson Summer Camp to see if there were any pieces of evidence that would lead me to where Freddrick is. Tomorrow, I'm going to go back to the Otis Lenz factory and see if I can find any more evidence. Soon after that, I will go to the Summer Camp and do the same thing.

September 11th, 2012

Today, I went back to the Otis Lenz factory. Before you ask, I did find some evidence.

I took the same road I had taken on August 17th to get to the factory. As I reached the old parking lot, I parked my car in the space that was closest to the double doors. The reason is that if there was a Follower there, I could get to my car quicker, and not have to run across the parking lot. Grabbing the flashlight and gun from my meet with Toird, as well as a notebook and pen for when I find any evidence, I went into the factory. Instantly, I saw that it wasn't the same as the first time I went there. Tristan Drews' dead body wasn't there, but the chair was. Also, one of the large machines near the back was missing.

As I left the room where I found Tristan, I found myself inside the room where the employees built the furniture. The conveyor belt was still there, as was some of the tools, but the room was empty otherwise. I went into the room right next to it. The conveyor belt continued, but since there were old, dirty cardboard boxes on the ground, I knew that this was the packaging room. The room next to it was where they shipped the furniture to various retailers. The belt finally stopped, and next to it, there was an intact box of furniture made by the factory. It was covered with dirt, but I dusted it off, and found out that the box contained a chair.

I proceeded to open the box, but I did it away from me, if this was a trap made by Freddrick or one of his Followers. After dumping the contents, I found out that the box, anticlimactically, contained nothing more than the parts of a chair. I went back to the main room to see if I could find any evidence. To the right was a door leading to the offices of the owners of the factory. The door was locked, so I had to destroy the lock with the tools in the furniture assembly room. When I did, I had to go up a staircase before I reached the hallway where the owners' offices were. There were two on the left side, while there were three on the right side. I chose the first office on the right, Travers Grayville's office, because I was closer to it than the others. I opened the door, and looked inside.

Because the door to the offices was locked, there were very few items missing inside. There was nothing in there that looked suspicious, so I closed the door. Heidi Elliott's office was the same, as was Kyler Cotterill's and Brice Teel's. Finally, I got to the office of Otis Lenz, the owner of the factory. As soon as I got into his room, I heard someone walking. I shined the flashlight to where I thought the noise came from, and I saw someone dressed in Forenzik's clothing run towards the window. He was about to jump when he turned his head towards me, and nodded. He jumped out of the window, and landed on the roof of another building nearby. Knowing that a Follower of Freddrick had messed with this room, I started looking around the room for any evidence.

The first place I checked was the bookcase near Otis' desk, since that was the easiest place to hide something. The books were all neatly placed together, albeit beginning to rot, until I got to the bottom row. There, I saw that a few books were sticking out from the rest. I took those books out, and found a note. Unfolding it, I saw that the paper not only had two 'veteran' Followers of Freddrick, Milton Barett and Mervyn Payton, but it had a new one, Kit Niles. Stuffing the note into my pocket, I checked Otis' desk for more evidence. I started with the smaller drawers, and worked my way up to the big one. Each drawer had nothing in it except for the largest one.

When I pulled the large drawer out, a rolled-up note came into my view. Unfurling it, I read the contents.

"Freddrick, I'm now at the Otis Lenz factory. Since Gerasim is coming to look for evidence and possibly break into our hideout with the police, I'm going to put a note to not waste his time here. After I come back I'll talk to you about the John Wilkinson Summer Camp.


Milton Barett"

Now that I knew that Milton was the man who was in the office, I left the factory since the evidence I got from the desk and bookshelf was enough to help the police in some way. As I was starting my car, I looked to the side, and saw Milton, still on the roof of the building that he jumped on. After turning his head, he proceeded to point at me. I drove out of the parking lot, and looked back. There were three other members hiding in the bushes, ready to kill me if I had parked further away.

I didn't go straight home, however. Stopping at the police station, I barely managed to talk to Newport, who had ended his shift a few minutes ago. After talking to him for a while, I showed and explained the letter and note, which freaked him out. Quickly, Newport said that he and another officer, Ford Faulkner, would go over to the factory tomorrow to find any more evidence. I'll guess I'll wait until they dig up more evidence.

Also, I guess Toird died in jail of his gunshot wound.

September 14th, 2012

I got an email from Newport today. He said that even though he didn't find a Follower, he did find two more pieces of evidence. The first was a glove that might have belonged to Milton when he jumped away from the building, and the second was a torn jacket in the packaging room. Since the gloves do not have a serial number or tag on them, Newport and Faulkner are going to trace the jacket's serial number to whoever bought it, and see if they can make a new advancement.

September 16th, 2012

Alright, before I go into what happened today, I'm going to tell a couple of things. One, they found who owned the jacket, and it wasn't Freddrick or Toird. It actually belonged to Ray Bollia! I'm not sure why his jacket would be there, unless... that would be impossible! Anyways, the second thing is that I went to the John Wilkinson Summer Camp for clues, and yes, I did find some clues. But... maybe one too many.

Around 11 PM, I got in my car and drove to where I had entered the Summer Camp. After taking my gun and flashlight from the backseat, I got out of the car and followed the trail. There were no tracks in the mud other than the footprints that I had made last year, which meant that no one had been to it since. As I went up the path, my light shined on the old sign, which was entirely covered with red spray paint for whatever reason. Further up the path, I eventually reached the summer camp, and it really changed since I entered it last.

The first thing I saw when I got to the grotto where the summer camp was that almost every building in the site was burnt down. More than likely, some of the Followers wanted to get rid of the Summer Camp so that I couldn't find any more evidence. If that was the case, they actually did a good job, except for the fact that Cabin A was still standing! Before I entered Cabin A, I went around looking at the ruins of the other cabins to see if there was something that would help me find where Freddrick was. The first ruin I searched was the one where Forenzik hung up the bodies of Kevin Christianson, Miranda, and Trestan, and I wish I hadn't.

The ruins of Cabin D were full of charred wood, broken glass, fragments of a bed, and rotting pieces of the bodies of Kevin, Miranda, and Trestan. The stench made my eyes water, so, after a minute, I stopped searching for evidence in Cabin D's wreckage. Cabin B and C had no evidence whatsoever, so I was left with Cabin A. When I tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge, so I looked into the cabin. Although it was dark, I could see that someone had put a bed in front of the door so that no one could get in. I grabbed a piece of burnt wood, smashed the window out, and climbed into the room. I reached for the light switch, but as soon as I was about to turn it on, I heard someone shouting at me.


The room went silent for a moment. I said "Why not?" The voice said "Because if you do, all of us in the room will kill you." I froze still, and said "Well, can I at least shine a flashlight on you?" The voice said "Yes. There, you will see how many of us are in this room before we tear you apart." I got the flashlight, and shined it at the other side at the room. Instantly, I stumbled back. In the same room as me were nine Followers, each armed with various knives, scalpels, and axes. One Follower was wearing the Babyface mask, while another wore a bloodstained shirt. The 'leader' of the group stepped forward and said "Now, since you killed our friend Toird, we're going to rip you apart now."

I proceeded to say "Listen, you skinny little motherfuckers! You're all moronic; your attempts to kill me will only result in you being arrested!" Eventually, the leader said "We're going to do it anyways! The police will never find us, ever!" Smiling, I responded "Well, good luck keeping that promise!" Four Followers tried to grab me, but by the time they reached where I was at, I was already out of the window and running back to my car. I could hear the leader saying "GET GERASIM NOW!", as well as other Followers screaming insults and laughing like a girl. They chanted things like "We're going to get you!" and "For Freddrick!" I managed to reach the sign before one Follower tried to slice my head off with his axe. I shot the Follower in the chest, and he fell to the ground, laughing.

Eventually, I reached the car and drove off. The Followers chased my car for a while until I got on the main road. I looked back, and saw the Followers skulking back into the woods. I parked my car in the garage and called the police. After a few minutes, the police came over. I told Newport and Faulkner about the Followers in the Summer Camp and the injured Follower on the dirt path. They replied that they would arrest the injured Follower, investigate the remains of Cabin A for evidence, demolish the remains of the Summer Camp, and use their hounds to try to track down some of the Followers. After leaving, I went into my house and told you about this near-death experience.

September 17th, 2012

The episode didn't come today, if you're wondering. However, I do have some more information on the Followers. First off, the man who I shot turned out to be Lee Jacobson, a newer member of the Followers. Secondly, although they lost the scent of the Followers, the police did find a few pieces of evidence in Cabin A. They found a dropped knife, a note which I will post and, strangely enough, a copy of Season 2 of Happy Appy. Faulkner gave me the note and disc a couple of hours ago.

Knowing the Followers, I got out the laptop I used for the second Happy Appy creation video, and put the disc in. The contents of the disc were, unsurprisingly, videos of Happy Appy episodes. When I tried to click on one, the computer froze, and I had to force a shutdown. When the computer booted, I learned that the disc had a virus that permanently damaged the hard drive. After replacing the hard drive and reinstalling Windows 7, I read the note.








Even if he keeps sending me shit like this, there is no way in hell that he's going to truly frighten me.

September 18th, 2012

Today, I was finally emailed "Happy's Hotel" by the man.

It began with Happy Appy at his ruined house, saying "Hello kids! Today, your old pal Happy Appy is going to buy a hotel today!" Happy drives a van to a rundown hotel for sale. Happy gets on the phone with the real estate manager, and buys the hotel for a mere 5,000 dollars. It cuts to a two-minute montage of Happy Appy refurbishing the hotel with various pieces of furniture, replacing the wallpaper and carpet, and cleaning the bathroom. Interestingly, not only did Happy put a portrait of Napoleon XIV on a wall, but in the main lobby, he put up a portrait of Norman Bates.

I could just tell by the fact that he put up a portrait of the main antagonist from Psycho that the plot would involve killing people in a hotel or motel. After that, Happy opens up his hotel, and the first customer is a kid and his parents. The parents are taking the child on vacation, and they need a place to stay for a while. Happy gives them Room 1E, or as Happy calls it, "The Vacation Room". The three go up to Room 1E, and it opens up to show that the room has beach-themed decorations. The wall is covered with a panorama of a beach, the furniture is made out of fake bamboo, and there is an aquarium near the window.

The family thanks Happy and leave for the beach. While they're away, Happy meets up with Freddrick, who was in the lobby reading a newspaper. Happy tells him that they have their first customer coming in tonight, and how Freddrick should kill the three when they're asleep. Freddrick agrees, and goes back to reading the news. It cuts to the following night, where the family is sleeping in their bed. Freddrick is seen looming over the three. He proceeds to lean over the bed, grab his scimitar knife, and quickly slices their throats. After this, Happy does a death smile as Freddrick starts cutting up the family off-screen. After a few minutes, Freddrick exits the room with a bloody trash bag, goes to the basement, and puts the bag in a metal trashcan.

Three days pass, and it's revealed that Happy and Freddrick had killed seven more people, and stole the victims' money to buy more torture tools. However, on the fourth day of Happy's Hotel opening, Danny is seen at the park, reading the news. He reads an article about people mysteriously disappearing at Happy's Hotel. Danny is shocked, so he drops the newspaper and storms over to Happy's Hotel. He throws the door open and slams his hands on the desk where Happy is at, screaming "Why are you killing people?" Happy gives a death smile, and says "Because it's fun to see them scream, Danny!" He replies "If you don't stop, I will tell the police that you've murdered people."

Freddrick runs over and tries to stab Danny's hand. Danny quickly moves his hand, and runs off. Freddrick corners him, but Danny grabs a lighter from his pocket and sets the floor on fire. As Danny runs out of the hotel, Happy and Freddrick try to put out the fire, but it grows too big to be controlled. Happy and Freddrick run out of the Hotel, and it shows the hotel on fire until it collapses in. After that, Happy starts a long string of swears, while Freddrick tries to calm him down. Happy said "We'll get Danny one day, won't we, Freddrick!" Freddrick nods his head, and the episode ends. Interestingly, there was no promo for the next episode.

September 21st, 2012

Today, I researched some more on the Happy Appy Movie that had the stop motion surgery scene. After talking to Jim and looking up on Google and various other websites, I managed to round-up three confirmed facts about how the fake Movie was created.

  • The Movie first appeared on black markets a few weeks after Freddrick aired "The Towers". Part 2 was separated from Part 1, and first appeared a week later.
  • Some members of the crew who helped work on the Movie would go on to be in the Followers, like Willy Batts, Lee Jacobson, and Dudley Frankin.
  • The stop motion surgery took up most of the time and budget that the crew worked on the movie, which is why the other scenes looked like they had a lower budget than the rest of the episodes.

I know it's not a new episode or a meet with a Follower, but it's at least something to hold you over until I get the next episode.

September 22nd, 2012

Okay, look. I'll just say this now. Do not send me strange e-mails pretending to be Freddrick or any of his Followers. This is the third time someone has done this, and it's getting pretty tiring. Considering how much stress I'm under, this isn't helping me. To quote from an email sent today,

"I am freddrick gorgote haha!!!! I'm coming to take you away haha, and I will skin you and eat your skin and flesh and feed the rest to my EVIL followers!!!!"

If you're going to troll me, at least make new e-mail addresses before doing it. I'm probably going to be restricting access to only a few people, though, because based on what I've read, people think I'm a fucking maniac.

September 24th, 2012

Today, I was sent "Happy and the Demolition Derby" by that man.

Unlike the other episodes, which rehash the intro from Season 1, the intro for this episode was different. The production reel theme was played on a piano, while reused footage from Season 2 started playing. Interestingly, there wasn't any from the snuff episodes for whatever reason. After the music ended, the title of the episode came up in a plain Arial font.

The episode begins with Happy Appy passing out fliers as big as his head to random children in the park. He turns to the camera and says "Hey kids! It's your good old pal, Happy Appy! I'm entering a demolition derby tomorrow, and I'm trying to get some kids to support me and come to the race!" It cuts to Happy healing a girl who had cut herself on a small piece of wood. Happy tells her that she should come and support him at the demolition derby. She agrees, but says "Happy, what could I do to support you in the demolition derby?" Happy kindly tells her that she can hold up signs in the audience while he races.

It goes to a few hours later, where Happy Appy is seen at a new, larger house watching Hurt Happy on TV. Someone is heard knocking on the door. Happy opens it, and the person knocking turns out to be Freddrick, who has a demented smirk on his face. They both talk casually about the weather and other things, until Happy derails the conversation and orders Freddrick to stand close to the bleachers because he has something planned for the event. Freddrick somehow knows what Happy is talking about, and they both laugh in high-pitched voices.

It cuts to a few days later, where it shows Happy and Freddrick standing in front of the arena where the derby is going to be held. As Happy is about to enter the arena, Freddrick wishes him good luck. Happy's vehicle is shown, which is an ambulance with metal spikes on it. It zooms into the front of the car, and Happy proceeds to say "Just so you know, I didn't choose my van for the derby. Old Happy doesn't want to get his van wrecked again!" The intercom announces that the derby would start in five minutes. For nearly a minute, Happy Appy does a death smile. After that, Happy opens the window and starts waving at the children.

After four minutes of filler, the demolition derby begins. For a while, stock footage of a demolition derby from the late 1990s plays. It often cuts to Happy Appy driving his vehicle and the children in the audience. As the scene goes on, Happy seems to get more demented and violent, as in trying to ram other cars at fast speeds, while Amazing Grace faintly plays in the background. Five minutes later, Happy turns to the camera and says "It's time! What a good way to kill children, oh yes! I AM A GENIUS!"

Happy looks out the window, and finds the girl that he talked to in the beginning, holding a sign saying "GO HAPPY!" He violently turns his car to her area in the bleachers and starts revving up at full speed. Soon, he begins running over all the people in the audience, especially the children. A lot of children run off from Happy's ambulance, but several Followers block the exits in the arena, helping Happy run them over. Happy turns his head to the audience, and find out that Danny is watching Happy, angrier than ever. Danny backs up into a corner of the bleachers, hoping that Happy hadn't seen him. Happy realizes that he could finally kill Danny, so he drives as fast as he can into the area where Danny is.

However, Danny gets out in time, and the ambulance crashes into a wall. The driver's side door breaks off, and Happy Appy falls out. Danny jumps into the ambulance and hijacks it as Happy drags himself away. Danny begins driving around, looking for Happy. He looks in the rear view mirror, and finds Happy Appy cowering in fear. Danny chuckles, smiles, and completely steamrolls Happy over. An unreal amount of blood sprays in every direction, covering the stands with it, and Happy lets out a deafening screech of pain. Danny ends up accidentally flipping the ambulance over, causing him to fall out. He limps out of the arena.


A screencap of the mentioned scene

It shows Happy's corpse for a minute. His right pupil was missing, and his stem was shorter for some reason. Happy's teeth were missing, showing his tongue. The way his mouth looked was almost like he was laughing. Finally, his stick was missing. The surviving kids run over to Happy's corpse for whatever reason, and start to cry.

One of the kids begins to have a seizure and lets out the same screech as Happy did when he got run over. Another kid just stands there like a statue, expressing no emotion. This goes on for about six minutes until their parents, who are actually the Followers without their masks and with heavy makeup on to hide their identity, arrive and drag the screaming children off, while laughing.

At night, it cuts to the arena again, where Freddrick lights up Happy's body. Freddrick is wearing a different costume this time, consisting of a grey long coat, a bulletproof vest, a fedora, a belt with "FG" on it, and grey pants and boots. He still wears the mask, though, but only the facial portion is being worn. While Happy's corpse burns, Freddrick and his Followers start dancing around Happy's burning body, while singing some sort of folk song. The dead children are still visible, and a few police sirens can be heard. Interestingly, another Happy Appy walks in, with white eyes this time. He proceeds to remark one of the strangest lines in the series:

"It's funny to see that those people think that they can just kill a clay puppet. Sadly, anyone can rebuild one and bring life to it. It really never gets old, does it, Mervyn?"

It zooms to Mervin, who nods, and the dead Happy starts to float.

The credits are the same, but nothing plays over the credits. Oddly enough, after the credits, instead of the promo, it shows the making of the episode, which is 21 minutes long, making the episode last for 51 minutes.

September 26th, 2012

Oh, great. Freddrick has left yet another unfinished post in my drafts. It reads as below, and ends mid-sentence.

Gerasim, you have no idea what I'm going to do to you. I've been particularly busy these past few months, making brand new Happy Appy episodes for the black market. However, I thought that I should be focusing on killing you, not making new episodes! My Followers are useless. I'll probably kill them late

It appears that I must have woken up once again before he finished the post.

December 4th, 2012

I haven't been on the blog in 3 months and one day due to more family related matters. Vladimir still hasn't come over and one of my friends from school was killed in a car accident, which wasn't caused by another person. Thankfully, I didn't see Freddrick on my hiatus. However, he did leave one more text file on my computer under the filename warning_freddy_rick.txt




I'm actually a bit worried now, Freddrick won't stop threatening me, his Followers are after my blood, and worst of all? I adopted a stray cat last week, and yesterday, I found the cat dead on the front porch, with huge slash marks going across her face. I need to do something about this.

Oh yeah, and some more episodes were announced while I was gone. They are Happy's Hotel, Part 2, Forenzik Rises, and Forenzik Rises Part 2. Also, another movie was announced and it's probably going to be in three parts. The promo for Happy's Hotel, Part 2 shows the hotel being set on fire by Happy, burning the new family inside, with Danny running in terror. It abruptly ends. I wonder if these have been filmed a while ago, because Freddrick couldn't possibly attempt to kill me while making new episodes.

I have yet to receive the promo for Forenzik Rises and Forenzik Rises Part 2. The second Happy Appy Movie's first part has been has been leaked into a torrent under the name HAM_P1_Forenzik-Final.avi. Just so you know, the man who has sent me the episode downloads gave me the torrent. During the time I was gone, two more Followers were arrested. They were Michael Abel and Windsor Sherburne, which is nice to know. But, other than the Followers themselves, who knows how many of Freddrick's minions exist?

Post 2

I have just finished downloading and seeding the first part of the second Happy Appy movie, hopefully I will post about it in either tomorrow or a week from now.

December 5th, 2012

Today, Jim finally managed to get Nickelodeon to talk about Happy Appy, and told me to come over. Here's the conversation I had with a manager.

Me: Uh, hello?

Manager: Ah, hello. You are Gerasim Yakovlev, right?

Me: Yeah.

Manager: Well, I just wanted to say that your blog is quite frankly one of the most interesting things I've ever read.

Me: Oh, thanks. I have a couple of questions to ask you about the show.

Manager: Of course! I'll try to answer them.

Me: First, why was Attack of the Killer Apples declined?

Manager: The show wasn't exactly funny, the budget would have been too large, and the fact that we would have to pay copyrights to make a parody title of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes made us decline it.

Me: Alright. Where exactly did they film the playground?

Manager: Well, they either filmed it at one of two places: a set inside the studio or at an actual playground that the set was designed to look like.

Me: Why did you air that Happy Appy episode, even though the show was banned?

Manager: Uh...we didn't air the Classroom episode at all. It has to be that Freddrick man or one of his Followers.

Me: Alright, that explains a lot. Goodbye.

December 6th, 2012

Today, I finally got around to watching Happy's Hotel, Part 2.

The intro was the same as Happy and the Demolition Derby. There were various clips of the later seasons playing over a piano rendition of the theme song. However, there were some notable differences. First off, the clips, which were originally all Season 2, had some Season 3 mixed in as well. Also, the clips in question were from the snuff scenes, with a subtitle at the beginning saying "Suggestion from a Russian fan". That was very funny, Freddrick. After the music ends, the video clip, which was the murder of Jenny, explodes into a million pieces, and the title comes up in Comic Sans.

It begins with Happy Appy watching a news report on the burning of Happy's Hotel. He laughs at the report, but just as he is about to turn the TV off, someone knocks on his door again. Happy walks over to the door, opens it, and Happy gives a death smile. Freddrick walks into the house, saying "Hey Happy! I want to tell you something!" Happy says "Hey, Freddrick. That whole hotel thing was fun, wasn't it? Killing families in the dead of night is certainly an interesting sight! We should do it again!" Freddrick agrees, and it cuts to a montage of Happy and Freddrick buying building supplies at a rip-off of The Home Depot. They go over to the ruins of the hotel, and try to rebuild it, resulting in a 3 minute long slapstick scene similar to the Laurel and Hardy short "The Finishing Touch".

Oh, I must mention that Freddrick was wearing the same costume that he wore in the ritual scene in the Demolition Derby episode. I guess it's his new costume.

Eventually, the hotel is finished, and looks like the one in the original Happy's Hotel, but larger and with a different paint job. After opening the hotel, Freddrick goes up to the counter and waits for a customer. A kid and his friends come in and ask for the room with the biggest bed. Freddrick gives them the key to room 2A, and the kids run up to the room. They open the door, and it shows what looks like a regular hotel room, but the bed is twice as large as a regular hotel bed. The kids jump on it, make a tent out of the sheets, and play video games. Finally, it cuts to a few hours later, where the kids are asleep in bed.

Freddrick and Happy argue over who is going to kill the kids, until they reach an agreement. Happy will kidnap them and murder the kids in his van, while Freddrick cleans up the room. Happy walks up to the room, and sneaks behind the three kids. He dabs a cloth with chloroform and puts it over their mouths. Eventually, the kids pass out, and Happy drags them to his van. After an unusually long murder scene, which was eight minutes long, Happy comes out of his van and does a death smile, before coming back into the hotel. It cuts to Freddrick with a plastic bag full of body parts in it. He dumps them into the same metal trashcan, which is overflowing with body parts.

Three weeks pass, and Happy and Freddrick have murdered around seven families. As Freddrick grabs some coffee, a police officer comes in, saying "Hello. I want to inspect this hotel." Freddrick puts his coffee on a counter and says "Sure thing!" The officer begins to inspect various rooms, which are all clean. After a few minutes, he comes out, saying "Alright, the hotel is clean. I needed to know this because of the various disappearances on this lot." Freddrick clearly lies "Don't worry, officer. No one has disappeared in my hotel, so you don't have to worry about it." The police officer obviously falls for his lies, and says "Okay, that's good." After leaving, Happy comes out of the bathroom and talks to Freddrick.

They discuss how well Freddrick had 'fooled' the police officer, and how they should trick Danny into staying at their hotel. It cuts to a few hours later, where Danny is walking down the street where the Hotel is. He looks up, and sees the sign, which was changed to say "Kingsley's Hotel". Danny realizes that the hotel was on the same lot as Happy's Hotel, and decides to pay the hotel a visit. He comes in, and Freddrick is seen at the counter, but wearing only a shirt and the bulletproof vest. Also, his hair is orange for whatever reason. Freddrick says "Hello! Welcome to Kingsley's Hotel. Would you like a room?" Danny says "Of course", and Freddrick leads him to Room 1B. Danny decides to pretend he's sleeping on the bed, knowing that Happy would try to kill him.

In the hallway, Freddrick and Happy talk about burning down the hotel again if only to kill Danny once and for all. Happy sneaks into Room 1A, where another family happens to be staying. He proceeds to get a lighter and throw it on the bed. Instantly, the bed catches on fire, and it cuts to Danny, who had fallen asleep by accident. The sounds of screaming, gurgling, and burning forces him awake. Danny tries to open the door leading out of his room, but it's locked. All of a sudden, the wall near his bed collapses, revealing the burning room next to him. It also drops a flaming body on the floor, setting Danny's room on fire.

Danny proceeds to ram down the door so he can escape. Just as the fire is about to reach the area where the door is, Danny breaks through the door and climbs out. He runs into the lobby, and sees that all the rooms are on fire now. For a while, the sounds of people screaming, the burning of various objects, crying, and glass breaking are heard. Danny runs away from the hotel, and Happy and Freddrick climb up the same mountainside in Happy the Pirate. They watch as the hotel catches on fire and collapses. Danny falls on his face on the sidewalk, and looks at the ruins of the hotel. Burnt people are seen running away from it, screaming and crying, and after a few minutes, police cars and ambulances come over to the ruins.

After that scene, the credits roll. However, Freddrick Gorgote and his brother Johnny talk over them, discussing their favorite parts of the episode. While Freddrick likes the scene where Danny is nearly killed, Johnny says he liked the part with the three kids. The episode ends without a promo.

Post 2

I have just been emailed the promo for Forenzik Rises. The file name was "Forrisepromo.mp4", and the promo is one minute and 45 seconds long. Interestingly, in the file's metadata, it was created in late August. This might not seem important to a few people, but it gives some light on how Freddrick is stalking me and sending Followers after me, since he made the episodes months back! The promo begins with a flashback to Happy's Vacation and Hurt Happy from Season 1 with Freddrick in a deep voice saying "Before Happy went insane, all was well for children around his town..." very slowly.

After that, Freddrick says, in an insane voice, "After Happy went insane, things just weren't the same!" in the same deep tone. It shows a clip Happy Appy running over Miranda from Mean Miranda, a close up of a rotten apple, and the scene where he tries to kill June. It shows Freddrick literally crawling out of a hole in the ground, "rising". The muddy ground and grey block near Freddrick's head could mean that he was rising out of a grave in a graveyard. The promo abruptly ends.

This might be an interesting episode.

December 9th, 2012

I have watched Forenzik Rises Part 1. Oddly enough, the intro didn't start with the Happy Appy theme or any clips at all! It started with the promo, indicating that it wasn't a promo at all, but the first minutes of the episode. After that, it shows Freddrick being arrested by police officers. His remaining Followers are arrested after. I will say that Freddrick has a lot of Followers. I mean, holy shit. I counted them, and there are at least 30 Followers! Freddrick and a few of the Followers are taken to a police station for questioning. The video stopped and went to black, but the audio kept playing for whatever reason.

The officer who arrested Freddrick steps up and say "Hello, Freddrick Gorgote. Today, we are questioning you on the illegally made snuff TV show called Happy Appy, which you have been illegally distributing to various black markets and continuing the show since it was cancelled, making two more seasons." Freddrick panics, and for a moment, goes to his sane form and says "I-it wasn't me! It was that Forenzik m-man!" One of the officers rudely says "Whatever!" and another says "Hey, hey. Let's test this guy's mental abilities." A fourth officer says "Yeah, guys. Let's ask this Freddrick man about his life before Forenzik comes to ligh-" before the audio turns to static. The laughing of Freddrick as Forenzik and the pained screams of the officers can be heard, however..

The whole entire episode was about 3 minutes long, making it probably THE shortest episode in the entire run of the series. There was no promo or clip for Part 2.

December 11th, 2012

Three more episodes have been just emailed to me, but I will say one thing. To whoever is mailing me episodes, I will not accept them until I'm done with the last one sent, okay? Anyways, the episodes are called "Happy Appy Goes to the Circus (Redux)", "The Followers", and "The Followers, Part 2". The episode after The Followers will probably be a prequel to the second Happy Appy movie.

The only one I got emailed a synopsis for was the first of the three, Happy Appy Goes to the Circus (Redux). It was "Happy returns to the Banana Brothers circus, only to find them bankrupt, poor, and with no acts. [S]" It appears to be a sequel to Happy Appy Goes to The Circus from Season 1.

December 12th, 2012

I was trying to drive to the supermarket, because I've been so paranoid that I've been unable to complete any tasks if they force me to go outside. When I opened the car door, the interior was covered with blood. I looked below the seat, and found the rotting remains of another stray cat. Below the cat was a note that said this:



It was overly disturbing, but I can't go into full detail about it. I've got the next full episode of Happy Appy, Forenzik Rises Part 2. This episode was a lot longer; while the first part was almost 3 minutes long, the second part was 55 minutes, making it the longest episode without a non-promo bonus feature. The episode begins with an odd intro. There are no clips playing, only black. Freddrick singing the theme song faintly can be heard. It fades into the title, "Forenzik Rises Part 2". The title explodes, letting us see the subtitle, "THEY ALL DIE."

It fades into Freddrick - who was dressed up as Michael Myers with a Freddy Krueger glove for no clear reason - sitting on Happy Appy's couch. A distressed Happy walks into frame and says "Kids, I'm depressed today." Freddrick looks at Happy, who blandly says "I cannot seem to kill that assho- uh, menace named Danny! Perhaps this will be the day when I give up killing people forever!" Freddrick tries to assure Happy that the next time, Danny would die painfully, and they will be able to murder children for the rest of their lives. Happy replies, "Freddrick, you ARE amazing! And you're right. Killing kids is too, well, fun to give up! Plus, there was always a certain Russian guy I wanted to kill..." Very funny.

Freddrick puts on a hockey-mask, grabs a hacksaw, and runs outside. He calls out for Danny, but no voice sounding like Danny's responds to Freddrick. It cuts to Danny driving down badly green screened footage of Time Square. This goes on for a long time, possibly beating the driving scenes from Happy's Birthday. Danny's tires are suddenly blown out by Freddrick, and he crashes into a ditch. Danny's forehead is cut open, while he yells that his legs and arms are broken. Freddrick laughs and runs over there to kill Danny once and for all, but by the time he gets there, he realizes that Danny was faking his arm and leg injuries. What later occurs is a minute-long fight scene between Freddrick and Danny.

It ends with Danny being accidentally knocked out by the van's door. Happy is still at home, sitting down on the couch watching TV. Freddrick walks in, carrying the knocked out Danny. Happy Appy is excited, believing that Danny is actually dead. However, Freddrick says "Uhhh, Happy, he's just knocked out! He's not dead." Happy goes ballistic and 'attacks' Freddrick for not killing Danny. After a while of 'fighting', Freddrick agrees with letting Happy painfully murder Danny.

It cuts to Danny tied to a chair, while Happy and Freddrick watch TV. Danny wakes up, and asks where he is. Happy replies, "You're at our house, Danny! We wanted you to feel every single ounce of pain, so we waited until you woke up!" Freddrick gets out lighter fluid to pour on Danny, until Happy interrupts him and tells him that he wants to pour the fluid on Danny. Somehow, Danny realizes that he can untie himself. While Happy and Freddrick are arguing about the lighter fluid, Danny slowly slips out of the chair, and hides behind one of the walls, listening to them. Happy finds out that Danny is gone, and begins letting out a long string of curses at Freddrick, who looks on in shock. Happy attacks him again, but this time with the intention to kill him.

In self-defense, Freddrick reaches for a scalpel, and stabs Happy in the eye with it, blinding him in one eye. Freddrick pulls out the scalpel, allowing Happy to fall unconscious due to blood loss. In a fit of rage, Freddrick throws lighter fluid all over the house, lights a match, and ignites the entire house. Freddrick runs out of the house and locks the door so that Happy can't get out. He stands in the front yard, watching as the entire place crumble to the ground. He remarks that nobody can stand in his way now that Happy Appy is dead. It cuts to behind Freddrick, where the same soulless Happy Appy from the Demolition Derby episode is standing. Freddrick begins to freak out, realizing that he has no torture tools to use. The soulless Happy Appy death smiles and the scene fades out to black.

Finally, after a minute, it fades back in, to show the soulless Happy, who is completely red, doing the same smile, while his eyes begin to glow white. It slowly fades into Freddrick, who is absolutely torn apart. The last scene before the credits was the charred remains of Happy Appy and Danny in the destroyed house. The credits play over the image of the soulless Happy, with what sounds like a cover of "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa" by Freddrick and his Followers.

This episode was weird and fucked up. I wonder if these events will come into play in the second movie. Until it gets released, I pray that I'm not murdered in my sleep by Freddrick.

December 14th, 2012

I watched Happy Appy Goes to the Circus (Redux) today.

It starts out with the soulless Happy Appy standing over the remains of Happy and Danny. The soulless Happy's eyes and body colors slowly turn into what Happy Appy's are, and he says "Hey kids! Ignore that my house burned down and those pathetic people are dead!" He walks over to his black van, or, should I say, the remains of his black van. He says sarcastically "Oh no! My van got burned down! Whatever shall I do now?" After giving a death smile, he says "Don't worry! Until I get another van, I'm going to take Danny's car!" Happy grabs car keys from Danny's pant pocket, climbs into his car, and drives off.

Happy is on a 'highway' when he says "Hey, since Danny returned, I've felt very nostalgic about my other, less natural friends. I'm going to see if the Banana Brothers are still in business!" Happy drives over to where the tent used to be, but instead of a colorful tent, there is a patch of dirt where the Banana Brothers are sitting, crying. In the background, you can see a tower in the background being built that looks like the Freedom Tower. Presumably, that was where the Towers where before they were destroyed. Happy walks over to the Banana Brothers and says "What's wrong?" Ben Banana, who was the one in the top hat, said "We ran out of money, and we don't have any more acts to work for us!" Happy turns to the camera and says "Don't worry, Ben and Billy! My friends and I will gladly give you money and some acts to restart your circus!"

The Banana Brothers are very happy to hear Happy's offering, and Happy goes off-screen for a few minutes. During this, the Banana Brothers just sit there, not doing a thing. Eventually, Happy comes back with wads of money. He gives them to the Banana Brothers, and Happy says his acts will come in next week. It cuts to a week later, where Happy introduces his acts to the Banana Brothers. Most of them are Followers dressed in various costumes, but a few acts have, or are entirely made up of, clay fruit puppets. It cuts to another week later, where various people enter the circus. Happy Appy talks to the Banana Brothers off-stage about how amazing the circus performance will be. Finally, the Banana Brothers come onstage and start off the circus.

It cuts to an 8-minute montage of the acts performing. Unlike Happy Appy Goes to the Circus, these circus scenes were actually decent, which is not surprising considering that Freddrick has more workers to help him produce episodes faster. After various stock circus acts, it goes to the intermission, where Happy is seen wandering backstage. One of the Followers walks up to him and says "Hey Happy, we've set up the walkie-talkies. Tell us when to do the Grand Finale." Happy says "Alright! I'll say "Grand Finale" when it's the right time, and you do your stuff!" The Follower goes off-screen, murderously laughing.

It plays a second 8-minute montage scene, but when it is at the last act, the Jujube Jugglers, Happy grabs the walkie-talkie and says in a psychotic voice "Grand Finale!" It cuts to a short Follower and a tall Follower near the cages where the tigers and bears are being held. The short one gets Happy's message, nudges the tall one, and they both release the tigers and bears. The tigers run into the bleachers and start attacking the audience, while the bears attack the various acts. Another Follower startles an elephant, which also runs into the bleachers and tramples people who try to escape. The Banana Brothers are horrified and try to stop the animals, but an obese Asian Follower runs up to the Brothers and peels their skin off. Finally, Freddrick walks into the tent, as fit as he ever was. He sees all the chaos that has gone on, and decides to end the soulless Happy's life, even if it meant killing a few of his Followers.

He grabs a torch and sets fire to the tent. The survivors start running away, trying to escape the blazing circus. A few successfully escape before the circus starts collapsing in on itself, setting even more things on fire. Freddrick skips away as it cuts to the soulless Happy Appy trying to get out of the circus. He tries to go through a wall but it is quickly lit on fire. He waits until a piece of the wall collapses, and escapes through that route. For the rest of the episode, it shows the circus burning to a crisp, with various shots of the inside. At the end, there were no credits or a promo. All that was on the screen was an image, saying "THE FOLLOWERS COMING SOON". Either it's saying the episode is coming soon or the Followers themselves are coming to your house soon.

December 17th, 2012

Last night, I had a nightmare that I woke up on a playground. Freddrick and all 40ish of his Followers surrounded me, all with that freaky death smile. I couldn't move, and every time I tried to, they all would walk closer to me. After what felt like a lifetime, I found the ability to stand up, and they all began attacking me like cannibals. It just felt too vivid to be a nightmare.

I woke up in sweat, screaming. To calm myself down, I turned on the computer, watched some funny videos, and talked to some of my friends on the missing episode forums I usually visit. It was unsettling, because the time I was doing those things, I heard loud scratching and whispering at the window. I tried to ignore it, but it kept going on. Finally, I grabbed my handgun, which I pretty much have with me at all times, and shot through the window. However, there was nobody there. I guess the scratching and whispering was a part of my imagination. Or am I just getting too worked up? I don't know, but no matter what, I will not let Freddrick take over my life.

December 18th, 2012

Someone broke into my e-mail account and changed the password! How did he do that? I was online all night, and I would've known if he broke in. Oh yeah, and I looked in my "Videos" folder, and found "hpyapyTHEFOLLOWERSpt1of2.wmv" in there. The entire thing was 4 hours, and 15 minutes, making it the longest episode by far.

There's no real intro, just "Happy Appy" written in default VHS font. It begins with Freddrick burying the remains of Happy and Danny in a grave, and the soulless Happy in another grave, while calm soothing music plays. After burying them, he drives Danny's car off a cliff, to avoid any evidence being found by the police. He swims back to dry land, and catches his breath. He turns to the camera and says "Hello, I'm Forenzik, or Freddrick Gorgote. After a long time partnership with Happy Appy, we've decided that all good things must end. In other words, I killed him, after he viciously attacked me, along with Danny, who we've been going after for a decade. Now that they're both dead, I can focus on just being a killer, and no longer playing second fiddle to that clay apple. I would like you to meet my Followers now!"

The camera distorts, and cuts to a long dirty hallway, with some specks of blood on the wall. Freddrick turns to a large room with a bunch of chairs. Freddrick tells the camera that the chairs are for the Followers, and they should be coming any minute. Right as he says that, loud footsteps are heard, and all the Followers, who there are about 50 of, walk into the room and sit down. One of the Followers asks why there is a camera in the room. Freddrick tells them to ignore it. He puts the camera down, and holds up a photo of me to the crowd of Followers. Freddrick begins yelling at his own Followers, about why they haven't been able to capture me. They cower in fear of him, and he tells them that if they don't capture and kill me, they will all be murdered.

They all nod their heads, still afraid of him, and run out of the building. He goes with them, telling them to hide behind some of the buildings, because he somehow knew that they were close to where I go to work at, and they would get me while I was driving there. When it shows outside, I immediately recognized that they were in the slaughterhouse! Freddrick pulls out a cell phone, talking to his Followers through it, like it was a walkie-talkie. After nearly an hour of just filler of him talking to the Followers, he yells that he sees me, and they can jump out now. I quickly saw that this was from August 4th, because the same events play out. He drops the phone, runs at my car, and I run him over. The camera falls on the ground and distorts.

The Followers stand around Freddrick, while one of them grabs the camera and films him lying on the ground, with blood pouring out of his legs. He yells at them for not jumping out when told to, and forces them to drive off and follow me to work. About six Followers, including the camera-man, get into a rusty truck. Two Followers sit in the front, while the rest stay hidden in the back. What occurs is a long driving scene, which is odd, considering how fast they're driving. They somehow catch up with my car, without me even noticing it's being driven by two Followers. They follow me until I get to my job at the police station, when they park the truck in a large ditch.

For a while, it's them quietly looking in on random people in the building, hoping to find me in there. Somehow, they do not, despite the fact I have a huge window in my office. One of the women notices the Followers stalking near the building, and calls the police on her phone. They quickly run off to the truck, and drive off, faster than the state limit allows. They accidentally go so fast they wreck into someone else, all the Followers in the back, fly out, and most of them die, including the man they crashed into. The camera is wrecked and displays a lot of static, but not to the point that you can't tell the police arriving at the wreck and arresting the two surviving Followers. The camera is picked up by an officer, who turns it off.

It cuts to Freddrick, who is recording himself by a low quality cell phone, laid on a table, being alerted about the wreck by a report on TV about it. The sane Freddrick resurfaces, takes off his mask, and says "Oh my god, what have I done?", and the episode fades to black, with no credits. It fades into, "TO BE CONTINUED IN THE FOLLOWERS PART 2" and the episode ends.

December 19th, 2012

The promo of The Followers, Part 2 was sent to my new e-mail (my old one is now Freddrick's, I guess). Also, the torrent for the second movie turned out to be a fake.

It begins with Freddrick narrating over footage of "Happy Appy Goes to the Circus (Redux)" in a dark tone, and fades to black. It flashes to Happy Appy's hand rising from his grave, Freddrick being struck by lightning, Danny's body being set on fire, Happy fighting Freddrick, the Followers eating human body parts at a large table, Happy and Freddrick stabbing someone clean through the face, a picture of me being lit on fire, and the soulless Happy Appy being crushed against a wall.

After that, it shows Happy Appy and Freddrick jumping out of a burning building, it freeze frames, and the title "The Followers, Part 2" pops up in the Friday the 13th font, and it ends. All I can say is that I'm going to visit my brother for a few days, because I rarely get to see him, and I know Freddrick and his Followers can't get me there. I promise I will be back by the first of January to talk about the movie.

December 25th, 2012

Yes, Gerasim is finally gone, and now, it is only I, Freddrick Gorgote. Here's a tip, Gerasim, do not leave a slip of paper with your passwords on it. I mean, you're making it too easy for me! Anyways, I hope you enjoy your vacation in Russia or wherever you're going as much as I'll enjoy slicing through your chest with a buzz saw. When you come back, I hope you enjoy the Happy Appy 2 movie. I spent months editing it, and it's so...natural.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention something! I've kidnapped more people and forced them to become a Follower. There will be nowhere left to go, Gerasim. If you leave town, we will follow you. If you fly away, I will get a new identity, fly with you, and get some foreign Followers to take you away. Also, I've decided to stop wearing that pathetic disguise! I'll just update my look so that I'll look like another everyday natural human being.

Good luck, Gerasim.

I'll be waiting.

January 2nd, 2013

Oh great, Freddrick has been on my blog again. I must say, I'm not much surprised, in fact, nothing surprises me anymore, it all just feels natural. Anyways, as I promised, I watched the second part of The Followers.

It begins where the first part of The Followers left off, with Freddrick's sane side coming back, and him looking at the news in disbelief. However, what isn't shown on the news broadcast is one of the Followers admitting who he's working for, and where Freddrick is located. It cuts to a live police raid, where a news reporter is standing in front of the slaughterhouse reporting on it.

Freddrick looks outside, and notices the police cars and news station vans, he quickly runs into the darkness, and puts his mask back on, hoping to not be found. The police break in, and began hunting for him, while shouting insults at him at the same time. Forenzik begins to come back out, and Freddrick tries to fight him off, while staying hidden at the same time. Eventually, he gives out and Forenzik 'rises', and takes out his knife, walking with a demented smirk on his face.

He begins to attempt to murder the several police officers, but gets hit with tear gas, knocking him out. The news report is shown recording the police carrying Freddrick's body into the squad car. Several children are seen being released from the slaughterhouse, reuniting with their parents. It cuts to live footage of one of the news reports, announcing several details, such as Freddrick being the director of "a rare Nickelodeon show", and him being responsible for many deaths over the past 5 years.

For some reason, Danny is seen giving a smug smile while Freddrick is being driven away by the officers, while many of the kids' parents talk to different cameras. A bunch of tapes, which I assume are the 3rd season of Happy Appy, besides "Forenzik Rises", are being carried out. The scene fades out, after what feels like the most satisfying scene in the entire history of Happy Appy. However, like some people say, all good things must come to an end. This is where the real footage ends, and the fake movie footage begins.

It abruptly cuts to a sane Freddrick, wearing a stereotypical police uniform, on an electric chair. He isn't wearing the costume he normally wears, and has a grim look on his face. He begs the officers to let him go, because it was his split personality that did all the murders. The two officers in the room exchange confused glances, and before they can say anything, Forenzik comes back, and insults the two officers. They quickly fry Forenzik, with clearly fake blood flying out of his eyes and mouth. This scene goes on for a droning two minutes, with the same footage being repeated over and over, until Freddrick finally dies.

The title of the episode quickly flies in, in front of the image of Freddrick's fried corpse. After this scene, a Follower who wasn't arrested or killed gets very pissed off, and proceeds to murder a stunt double acting as Danny. A car is seen riding up a hill, with Freddrick's dead body in the back of it. The two police officers dig a hole, and throw his dead body in it, not even bothering to bury him. They look at his body, with angry looks, and drive off. A storm begins, with lightning, rain, and hail going in every direction. In what is an actually pretty good special effect, lightning strikes Freddrick, and for a few seconds, nothing happens.

Freddrick literally rises from the hole, which must be where they got the footage for the Forenzik Rises promo, and lets out a disturbing cackle. He runs down the road, but not before grabbing a stick. A day later, Freddrick is shown sharpening the stick into a spear in a forest, which looks like the same one from the early episodes of Happy Appy. He still does not have a mask, and has a prison jumpsuit on instead of his costume. Freddrick hears a twig snap in the woods, which came from a group of hunters. He quickly lunges at them with the spear, stabbing each of them. After stealing their clothing and weapons, Freddrick travels to the spot he buried Happy Appy. He digs up Happy's dead body, which is literally a rotten apple, just zoomed in on.

Freddrick takes out an old book, repeats a few verses, and the body begins glowing. However, the glowing stops, and a pissed off Freddrick reburies Happy. Happy's arm breaks through the dirt, like a zombie, and climbs out of the grave. Once he dusts the dirt off of him, he remembers what Forenzik did to him in the second Circus episode, and refuses to talk to him. Freddrick says that since Danny is dead, they can both live in peace, and murder people like they used to.

Happy quickly has a change of heart, and tells Freddrick that a new park opened up, so they can kill some kids there. Once they leave, it zooms to the grave of the soulless Happy, who sticks his arm out of the grave. It cuts to a montage of Happy and Forenzik stalking and murdering children, in one of the most sickening snuff scenes in the entire series, if not THE worst. Ugh. The only thing that made the scene less painful was that very happy music was playing. After that shocking display, Forenzik suggests they murder one of the police officers who tried to kill him. Happy agrees, and the two are seen quietly stalking one of the officers in their home.

They look at him through the air vents, and before they can do anything, he screams, seeing Freddrick with a deranged smile on his face. They both jump out, and they stab the officer clean through the face, making blood shoot out from every angle. They both high-five each other, and agree that this will be their new home, since Freddrick burned down the last home they lived in. Another montage plays of the two decorating the house with blood statues, images from other Season 3 episodes, and Napoleon XIV albums spread all over the place, as well as an "ABANDONED" sign on the front door.

They also find the officer's lighter, and sets Danny's rotting corpse on fire, and a picture of me on fire. This is where things really start getting fucked up. Freddrick begins to shove raw body parts into a fridge for a feast with the Followers, when Happy walks in. He tells him that he needs a new suit, or he will be caught by the police again. Freddrick tells him that they will do something tomorrow. During this time, the soulless Happy Appy is shown eavesdropping on the conversation. Finally, he runs at Freddrick with a cleaver, screaming. Freddrick gets a sledgehammer and bats the soulless Happy Appy to the side.

Happy says "I'll save you, Freddrick!" and starts fighting the soulless Happy Appy with a knife. After the fight scene, the soulless Happy Appy is about to kill Happy when Freddrick grabs a large piece of wood and crushes the soulless Happy against the wall. As Happy applies bandages to himself, Freddrick starts to cut up the soulless Happy for the feast. Eventually, it cuts to a large dinner table, where the Followers sit down at. The entirety of the table is covered with cooked human meat, and they begin eating it for 10 minutes, while Freddrick tells them what their next plans are. Finally, it cuts to a day later, where a kindergarten class is having recess.

In the bushes, Freddrick and Happy Appy are lurking around with sickening smiles. I could already see where this was going. My assumptions were right, as they bolt out of the bushes with knives, and begin stabbing every kid on the playground. Already two snuff scenes in less than thirty minutes, the second one more sickening when compared to the other. Some of that stuff was traumatizing, and I certainly hope those were just really good special effects. One of the teachers runs out and begins trying to save some of them. Happy pulls out a shotgun and shoots the teacher in the head.

More Followers come out, and run into the school, possibly to murder the kids inside. All of a sudden, the police arrive, and quickly get offed by the Followers. Forenzik calls for Happy to jump into the van, while dead bodies are visible in the back. They drive off, with the remaining police trying to shoot out their tires. At home, Forenzik has made a sickening mask out of one of the children's faces, while Happy laughs violently in the background. Oddly enough, this scene loops on for nearly ten minutes, with the audio glitching out, the colors inverting, the VHS quality getting worse, and snuff photos being cut in-between.

Finally, the movie abruptly ends with a loud piano sound effect with the words "THE END BY FREDDRICK GORGOTE" being shown. Compared to the last episodes, this was awfully short, at one hour and five minutes, but that's good for me, because I couldn't take anymore snuff scenes.

I'm not going to sleep tonight. I don't want Freddrick to slowly murder me in my sleep. I want to live to see this man die.

January 4th, 2013

Jim Forester got back from his family reunion. Right after he came back, I showed him the second movie. Like me, he was angered by it. After that, we found out that the playground is close to where we live, so we decided that we should go visit it for evidence. When we arrived, there were, unsurprisingly, kids playing there. We ended up waiting until dark to start investigating. The area surrounding the playground was mostly covered with bark, but under one log, there was what looked like a human finger. In the woods close by, there was a broken camera in the bushes.

What was there must have been taken by the police. However, that brings me to the main question of this entry. How does Freddrick get away with all of these murders? Based on what I've seen, these murders were indeed real, but somehow, the MASSACRE of an entire playground of children doesn't get even a speck of discussion in even my part of the world.

January 6th, 2013

Today was completely awful.

I swear Freddrick is hiding in my attic. Every night, I hear the same running and laughing. Last night, I saw him licking his lips and looking in on me through the air vents. I wanted to grab my shotgun and blow his head off, but I was just frozen in terror. Freddrick kept staring at me for the next few hours, until he finally went back into hiding. He wasn't wearing his usual mask, or any mask for that matter. He looked almost like he did when he was sane, in fact.

I absolutely got no sleep that night, and I had to go to work in paranoia that Freddrick would be hiding in the back seat, ready to kill me. At work, I saw that everyone there was depressed and barely spoke any words. Finally, I spoke up and asked what was going on, and apparently, one of my co-workers was murdered by a "lunatic" in the night. This was Freddrick's doing, I just know it. Also, remember when I said I found that broken camera in the woods? Well, it turns out that camera is still in working condition. It mainly consists of corrupted videos, though. I will work on fixing them sometime soon.

January 7th, 2013

A fan sent me two CDs of the alleged soundtrack for Happy Appy.

The jewel case that the CDs came in said "Superb Schizophrenic Songs: The Soundtrack of Happy Appy", and had a picture of the Followers on it, acting like they were an old-fashioned jazz band. On the back was the listing, like most DVDs. Written on the first CD said "Season 1's Second-rate Songs" and featured decent-quality music from Season 1. The order of the tracks went like this:

  1. Theme of Happy Appy (Synthesizer)
  2. Bothering Bully
  3. Tinderbox [one of two borrowed songs from John Tresti's Hidalgo]
  4. Circus Calliope [the circus music heard in Happy Appy Goes to the Circus]
  5. Happy Appy Helps Those Kids
  6. Theme of Happy Appy (Acoustic)
  7. The Happy Dance
  8. Production Reel Piano
  9. Musik Piece No. 21 [the other song from Hidalgo]
  10. Theme of Happy Appy (Piano)
  11. Theme of Happy Appy (Production Reel)

The second CD was called "The Amazing Music of Forenzik and Company". The music had three copies of that fucking annoying song from Napoleon XIV, as well as some songs by musicians who had schizophrenia. The tracking:

  1. They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!
  2. Pow R. Toc H.
  3. I Whipped Spiderman's Ass
  4. Love and Mercy
  5. Windowlicker
  6. Revolution 9
  7. They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! (Rough draft)
  8. Snarin' [the snare from A Day in the Tracks]
  9. A Very Gloomy Sunday
  10. They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! (Cover)
  11. I Whipped Spiderman's Ass (Cover)

When I listened to every track, I took some notes if I found something interesting. Here they are.

  1. The Theme of Happy Appy is probably the lowest-quality track on the entire album, but is in better quality than most of the episodes I watched.
  2. Tinderbox and Musik Piece No. 21 has someone breathing over the tracks. The original DVD didn't have breathing, so it must have been added in by mistake by a Follower.
  3. Snarin' was the longest track on the album, at 8:05 minutes. It fades out four times during the song. During the song, various sound effects were thrown in. They include pink noise, DTMF tones, and a weird click track.
  4. The cover of I Whipped Spiderman's Ass was sung by Freddrick, and had every instance of Spiderman replaced with my name. What the hell is up with the Followers?

January 12th, 2013

Sorry for not updating as often, but you know, some things have happened recently. The real Freddrick, or at least many of his Followers, may have died sometime during the week. I was present during the robbery of a local convenience store, but instead of just one guy stealing money, it was this guy and his "friends" who held us hostage. None of them had masks, and I recognized a few of the Followers, personally. One of them I immediately recognized as the person who was responsible for a drive-by shooting in my area.

When the police arrived, I was knocked out unconscious by Freddrick, and they attempted to shoot and kill several of the people. I'm not sure if they succeeded or not. When I woke up, I was on a hospital bed. They told me I was nearly shot in the head by the Followers. Several bruises I obtained were discovered, but I'm just glad I was okay.

Post 2

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. The footage is clean enough for me to watch. Basically, it's just the extended rough cut of The Followers, Part 2, in even lower quality. I discovered how they got the special effects for the movie done. For the big playground murder scene, they just used blood packs and stabbed at them. The shotgun effects were obtained with a flare gun being fired, spliced in with an older woman pretending to scream and fall over.

I also found out why the rotten finger was there. It turns out that one of the kids got angry during filming, stole Freddrick's knife, ran up to him, and stabbed him through the little finger. Freddrick literally treats it like nothing and cuts it off just to freak out the kid. One of the more disturbing details is that apparently the first snuff scene is real. The playground was a recreation, a very specific one. Great, now I can rest knowing that children were murdered for a one hour snuff episode.

I've considered sending it in to the police, but if they find out, I could be in deep trouble. Why do I write in this blog? Well, I feel like this is the only form of communication left. I can't leave the house anymore, Skype doesn't work that well, Jim hasn't spoken to me lately, and I'm too paranoid to talk to anyone. I've restricted access of my blog to only a few people, because I do not want anyone to call the police. God knows what will happen if Freddrick hears he's being hunted down.

Goodbye, I'm going to check the attic, basement, and I'm going to bed. That's what this is now, paranoia, and blogging in fear. Yeah.

January 13th, 2013

Upon watching the rough cut again, apparently, there was MORE missing footage. Originally, it ends with Freddrick just wearing the face of a murdered child, while Happy rolls around laughing. This time, the scene after that is shown. It has Freddrick hanging around the house, while Happy is heard using a sharp tool in the basement. Happy's model is held close to the camera, and what's odd about this is that the scene is Freddrick pretending to talk to Happy. I assume the voice actor would just dub his lines, but even if it was going to be used, it looks and sounds strange. I could not make out a single word Freddrick said because of the terrible quality. Some people in badly made police costumes come into the room and shoot them.

Okay, it's nothing special, but I just wanted to make an update for the people who still follow me.

January 14th, 2013

Nobody's dead, thank you very much. The people who were arrested have been sent back to their original prison. I'm still lurking, in your house, outside, where ever I feel fit. I'll torture you for a long time, and when your brain finally just quits working, I'll be there to see it, and maybe I'll off you. Until this happens, you should be ready for some scarring, my friend. Actually, my other brother wants in on this too. In fact, how about we do a 'family reunion'? All of my brothers and sisters and I killing off a worthless human being like you sounds so natural!

-Freddrick Gorgote


January 17th, 2013

Someone broke into my computer, and used each one of my accounts to send snuff videos to my friends. I just got done clearing things up with the police. On my computer, there was a text file with links to all kinds of websites, with a few that were pretty disgusting. One of the websites was called "Y0uTub3", which I assume was intended to trick people new to the internet. It was the only one ran by Freddrick, and how he made it, I'll never know. I, at first, just thought it was a website that had videos of the Followers murdering people... but I was wrong.

Y0uTub3 had the Happy Appy episodes - except the kid-friendly episodes - behind the scenes videos, and just him and his 'buddies' stalking people. The people who registered were absolutely insane. One person had a video of him brutally murdering his ex-girlfriend in the woods and hiding the body in his friend's basement. Another had an obese Asian man in a ripped-up Wario costume belly dance to classical music. I wonder if he's the one who peeled the Banana Brothers? The worst video was a 7 minute long video of disturbing sights, such as seizure inducing flashing, people convulsing and screeching, random cuts of children being bullied by larger kids, and old 1920's cartoons with screaming replacing the real audio.

The other videos were ripped from other sites, such as a few random interviews with women, and one with an amputee breakdancing on a mat. What the fuck? On one page, it was absolutely covered in red, but when I highlighted it, it had a few download links. They were all pictures, oddly enough. What was even odder is that they were all photos of Freddrick Gorgote when he was a kid. His face was blacked out, and several symbols were written on the side. The words "DON'T BLAME ME" were written in a circle along the edges of the photo. Oh yeah, and the worst thing is that I've heard that he's trying to bomb Nick with anthrax again, just a few months after he stole their signal. I hope Jim is okay, as he just got a new job there.

Post 2

Good news! No, Freddrick and/or his Followers haven't died or got arrested. My brother just told me that he is definitely coming over sometime soon. I'm not telling you guys exactly when he'll be over, but it will be early February. Also, it happens to be his birthday today. He's turning 20.

January 18th, 2013

Today, I got an email from a local fan saying that my blog was mentioned in one of the front page articles of today's newspaper. Doubting this, I grabbed the local newspaper and flipped to the front page. Although I couldn't find anything at first, I found a news article saying that the Otis Lenz factory had been burned down by 'an unknown arsonist'. I read the article, and like the fan said, there was a paragraph in the article about my blog. Here's a transcript.

"One of the possible identities of the arsonist is infamous murderer Freddrick Gorgote or one of his 'Followers'. Gorgote, born in Maine, was the former creator and director of the cancelled Noggin show "Happy Appy", who decided to kill the former cast and crew of the show. This is because Gorgote turned insane and created a second season of the show about the titular character, as well as himself under the identity "Napoleon", killing people. The whole story of how Happy Appy was created and cancelled, as well as the murders that Gorgote had done, can be seen on a blog dedicated to the show ran by Russian-born Gerasim Yakovlev."'

January 19th, 2013


A single frame from the title of the Movie

Remember when I told you that I would be watching the second Happy Appy Movie? Well, I finally managed to spare enough time to watch all three parts of the movie. Over three days, I'll watch the movie, as it is over five hours long.

The movie begins with stock footage of a film leader. A scream is heard as soon as the leader hits 2. After that, the text "THE HAPPY APPY MOVIE 2 PART 1 FREDDRICK FOREVER!!!!!!!" flies towards the screen, and begins to spin around whilst flashing various colors, trying to give the viewer a seizure. Eventually, after a minute of flashing, it goes to black for a couple of seconds. It shows a clip from every episode of Happy Appy ever made, including the nice ones. In the background, faint chanting can be heard. This goes on for five minutes until it shows Freddrick on a couch in the police officer's house. On the coffee table was the mask that he made in The Followers, Part 2.

After two and a half minutes of Freddrick watching an unknown TV show, Happy walks in frame and says "Hey Freddrick, you know that just killing kids is getting boring, right?" Freddrick says "Yeah, we need to do something so epic that everybody in the world would love us!" Happy says "Well, hm... I don't know what we can do!" They think for a minute and three seconds, before Freddrick says "I know, I know!" He whispers to Happy, and Happy laughs. It fades out and cuts to a polluted forest, where the Asian in the ripped Wario costume is seen meditating. Freddrick walks up to him and slaps his stomach. He wakes up, and says "What is it, Leader?" Freddrick smiles and says "Hey Janto, I want you to kill someone. Just pick some average Joe or Jane from the street and mutilate him or her. After this, give the body to me. I have a plan that will make us world-famous!"

The Asian man laughs, and runs away. He is seen hiding in an alleyway between an Italian restaurant and a condemned warehouse when a kid starts to walk along the street for no reason. When no one is looking, the man grabs the child, and proceeds to take him into the warehouse. A four minute long snuff scene happens. It was too brutal to go into detail, just like the one in The Followers, Part 2. After this, Freddrick is eating dinner when the Asian man comes in with a bloody trash bag. It cuts to the Asian man clearing off the table and dumping various body parts on the table. Only the backs of Freddrick and the Asian man are visible as they talk about their great plan for ten minutes.

To put it in short, they had three stages in the plan. The first involved blackmailing various people around Aberdeen, including 'a certain Russian man', with the body parts of the kid. The second step involved going around and committing arson by destroying various buildings. The last step involved killing the people that they had blackmailed in step 1. It cuts to an eleven minute montage of Freddrick and his Followers going around, putting various packages in people's mailboxes. Even though it was very grim, seeing the Followers trying to stuff a big package into a small mailbox is hilarious. For example, one Follower tears the package while trying to fit it into the mailbox, while another ends up having to tear the other letters in the mailbox so that the package can fit.

It cuts to a day later, where the pond where Happy drove his van into in Happy's Parlor is shown. It turns to show Happy's van near the edge of the pond. Happy is seen reading the newspaper and fishing when he sees the article on the body parts. Glad to hear that Freddrick is killing again, Happy drives over to his house in a three-minute scene. During this scene, the back of his van isn't as bloody as it normally is. Freddrick is seen watching TV when Happy comes in, and says "Hey Freddrick!" Freddrick runs over to Happy and hugs him for whatever reason. After that, Happy says "We need to murder kids again, like we once did!" Freddrick chuckles, and tells him the plan, but in a much shorter time.

Happy says "Wow, this plan sounds amazing! So, are we on Step 2?" Freddrick says yes, and takes Happy to his basement. It is full of old furniture, with a large table in the middle. On it was a map of the town that they were living in. For the next 9 minutes, they look over the map and decide what building to destroy. They decide on four.

  1. Otis Lenz Factory
  2. John Wilkinson Summer Camp
  3. Big Blue Alma Barn
  4. The Police Station

Happy remarks that they can't do all of those alone. It cuts to Freddrick going around and 'recruiting' more Followers. These Followers include a man who served in the Rwandan Genocide called Kwasi, a Swedish man called Axel Johansson, two Russian brothers, Arkadi and Boleslav Popov, Riagan Quirk, and, for some random reason, my high school ex-girlfriend, Klara Romanov. This goes on until 99 minutes and 50 seconds in, where it cuts to text saying "PART 2 COMING SOON" for 10 seconds.

January 20th, 2013

I watched the second part of the Happy Appy Movie 2 today.

It began with 10 seconds of static, and after the static, it shows the title for the second part, called "Trying to Save Aberdeen". Like the earlier part, it started to flash and spin around for a minute. Afterwards, it shows Freddrick, two unknown Followers, Arkadi Popov, Happy Appy, and Kwasi in a van, driving for five minutes on various highways and roads. Playing on the radio was an electric guitar rendition of the main theme. Finally, they reach their destination, which is the Otis Lenz Factory. Freddrick says "Well, let's go ahead and destroy this place! We do want to make Aberdeen a safer place, no?" Happy decides that he shall burn down the factory and Kwasi gives him some matches.

As Happy enters the building, he notices that there is someone in there. After lighting a match, he throws it on a wall, setting it on fire. All of a sudden, an unknown shape knocks over Happy. Happy says "What was that about?" and the unknown shape says "This is revenge!" As the fire grows, the light reveals a real orange on a stick with eyes and a mouth carved in. It had ears and a nose, which were actually from a Mr. Potato Head. The orange says "I'm Otto Orange, the brother of Octavius and Oscar Orange. I've come here to kill you once and for all!" What happens is a three-minute fight scene which consists of a Follower batting the two puppets against each other.

During the fight, the fire grows, making parts of the roof collapse. Finally, Otto Orange knocks Happy out, and Happy's puppet is seen with 'bruises'. Otto picks up a glass shard, and right before he kills Happy, Freddrick runs over to the blazing factory, screaming at him. Freddrick tackles the orange to the ground, and stomps on him, crushing the orange for Otto's head. Freddrick picks Happy up and runs away from the factory before it collapses in on itself. After that, it cuts to a still shot of the factory collapsing as the six men drive away in the van. This goes on for one and a half minutes before it cuts to black.

The rest of the part was the six going around to the three other locations and destroying them by either explosives or fire. It was actually really boring, since there's no-one stopping Happy or the others from destroying the buildings. As it went on, I saw a lot of inconsistencies. For one, each Follower has an alternating amount of blood on their clothes. Also, Happy keeps switching from the giant hand puppet to the smaller handheld Claymation puppet. After they 'destroy' the Police Station, it shows the text "PART 3 COMING SOON" for 10 seconds before it stops.

January 21st, 2013

I barely managed to watch the third and last part of the Happy Appy Movie 2. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling well, so I'm going to have to offer a somewhat quick description of the third part.

Like usual, it shows the title, which was called "The Satisfying Killer", flying up to the screen and trying to give the viewer a seizure for a random amount of minutes. This time, the seizure part took up nearly a quarter of the running time of the video! After that, it shows a montage of the people who got the body parts, which lasted for half of the video, doing their everyday stuff. After a minute of showing the person, a Follower descends from the darkest area of the room and proceeds to murder them in possibly the most brutal of the snuff scenes. Since some of you guys have emailed me for better descriptions on these parts, I'll tell you some of the murders in this montage. Just don't ever expect for me to do it again!

The first murder had the Follower initially kill the victim by cutting his head open with a handsaw, with blood and parts of his brain pouring out on the carpet. After the victim dies, the Follower starts ripping off various body parts with the handsaw as well. Another murder had a Follower shoot the victim at point-blank range with a large revolver. You can see the head wound in grotesque detail, with the damaged brain clearly visible. A murder near the end of the montage shows the Follower light the victim on fire, who tries to put the fire out. She eventually dies, and you can see the body burn for the rest of the scene. Almost jokingly, the Follower proceeds to put marshmallows over the woman's body.

Oddly enough, I wasn't included in the montage...until the next scene after that, which could be the most pathetic attack done by the Followers. It showed 'me', quite clearly wearing drag, from behind. Eventually, a lot of Followers storm into the room and rip the man apart like they were a bunch of zombies. After this, the last quarter of the video shows the Followers and Happy Appy having a party because they killed everyone that they hated. This scene, to be honest, was somewhat funny. Janto and the dwarf Follower, who was sitting on his lap, manage to break a chair just by sitting on it. Riagan was trying to breakdance while drunk, two Followers - one towering, one bony - were trying to make each other laugh by girning, and Freddrick was biting on balloons and exaggerating the effect of being blown back from a balloon pop.

The credits show every crewman who worked on the episode, as well as the victims in Part 3. For some reason, I think that Forenzik Rises/The Followers and the second Happy Appy Movie were reversed in order. While the Happy Appy Movie is about...well, the Followers fucking up shit, Forenzik Rises and The Followers Part 1 and 2 is more like a movie, with a less boring plot. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a mistake on the Followers' part. If I ever make an episode order, I'll mention this.

January 24th, 2013

I'm happy, but I'm not at the same time. Things seem to be returning to normal in my life, but I just have a feeling that if I relax for a split second, Freddrick and those motherfuckers will probably kill me. However, things are turning out to be quite nice. Jim told me that he is the writer for a new Nickelodeon show, which I'm not sure of the name. My brother also said that he's coming over sometime in the first three days of February. I'm dreading this, honestly. He's immature, and I don't think it's good to have my brother come over with all of this Follower shit going around... but it's too late now.

I'll relax for now, but I'll also keep an eye out, for I haven't seen any of the Followers in a while. Anyways, the next post on this blog will be on the day he comes back.

February 3rd, 2013

He's finally here. My younger brother finally came over today! It was about time, too. The only reason why he couldn't come to Aberdeen earlier is because he lost the money he put aside to buy the airline ticket to go to Seattle twice. Because of his low pay at ER-Telecom, it took him weeks before he finally got the money to buy the ticket. When he came over, he decided that the guest room would be where he would sleep during the time that he was here in Aberdeen. To be honest, Vladimir might be staying over permanently. I was actually dreading this since he first came over. To be honest, he's quite nice, but he's kind of immature, too. Because of this, we often got into fights as children.

As I'm typing this, he's in the living room, eating some pepperoni pizza he bought and watching America's Funniest Home Videos. And no, he isn't sharing the pizza with me, obviously. And before I go, I want to share a small anecdote involving him. When Vladimir was born, his birth name was Sergei. In 2000, when he was seven, our parents became proud supporters of Vladimir Putin, who had just become the Russian president. Some kids at the elementary school caught wind of their support, and, to mock Sergei, called him Vladimir. When Georgi, our dad, overheard one of the bullies call him Vladimir, he talked to Nata about it. They decided to get Sergei's name changed to Vladimir, because it was better sounding. I, personally, don't like his name change, but whatever.

February 4th, 2013

I had to delete a lot of Happy Appy episodes, because of obvious reasons. Luckily, I saved them to a few discs, and hid them in a small box. Also, here's a fun fact. Apparently, the name of Season 2 was the "Sad Happy Pincushion Show", and according to a few sources, the original masters of Season 3 were named "A Fun Time with a Sad Apple". Freddrick's alias was "Angel G. Haular" for the cut of Happy the Pirate that was hacked on Nickelodeon. Not sure why he chose those random ass names, but what do you expect from a man who's that insane?

Anyways, we just got back from getting some groceries and fast food. This is the first time in a while that I've left the house besides for work, and picking up my brother. We're watching a DVD of The Simpsons now. Not very interesting, I know, but I am just so happy that this might be over. I'm still keeping an eye out, so don't think I have my guard down. The laptop's battery is going dead, so I have to charge it up. I'm signing out.

February 5th, 2013

Thanks to Happy Appy and the Followers, I got into an argument with Vladimir yesterday. He was being an immature brat, which I don't really mind as much as I used to. However, when he teased me about watching the Happy Appy episodes that were in the box, I got pissed off at him. I told him never to watch the episodes, unless he wanted to be stalked by a bunch of fanatics who were ruled by some German schizo. To try to calm me down, Vladimir said that he was only joking about the episodes.

This pissed me off more, for one of my pet peeves are jokes that take it too far. After telling him that he shouldn't have come over to my house, he called me an asshole and stormed off to the guest room. I seriously hope he matures more in the future so that shit like this can stop! It looks I'll have to wait for a couple of years for that to happen.

February 6th, 2013


I should have fucking known that the Followers were going to do something like this. Okay, okay, a few minutes after Vladimir came over, I had a very strong feeling in my gut that Freddrick and his Followers would do some fucked-up thing to him. And guess what happened? They kidnapped him last night. A few hours ago, I woke up, and I went to go check on Vladimir. However, he was nowhere to be seen. When I went into the guest room, I saw that it was completely trashed, with a few blood splatters on Vladimir's bed. On it was a note from six of the Followers.

"To Gerasim:

Remember when you said that you wouldn't stop researching Happy Appy, and you shot and killed Toird when he told you to stop? Well, I'm sure you're going to oblige to our warning now, because we've kidnapped your little brother! If you promise to stop researching Happy Appy by deleting your blog, destroying anything you own to do with the show, joining us, and helping us kill the remaining cast, we will promise to never inflict harm on you or your brother, and bring him back in the progress!

However, I know that you'll decline it, since you're more belligerent than all of us. So, every day after you get this message, we'll cut your brother on various parts of his body, until he dies from blood loss one day. Once we know he's going to die, we'll do an amazing live stream on that Y0uTub3 site. This will make every member on the site go after your blood. Will you destroy all evidence, join us, save your brother, and experience the joys of murder? Or, will you attack us again and watch him die? The time is ticking, Gerasim, so choose wisely.

From Fort Forenzik,


Janto Yukimata

Riagan Quirk

Arkadi and Boleslav Popov

Freddrick Gorgote"

That's fucking it! Thanks to fuckhead Freddrick and his brainwashed Followers, I simply can't research Happy Appy anymore. I mean, God knows what will happen if I decline their offer. Even though it promises the return of my brother, I don't want to accept the first option, to be honest. And even though I want to get my brother back, I'd probably tell the location of the Followers' hideout to the police, causing all the crazies on Y0uTub3 to go after me. Although I really want him back, I'm going to decline the Followers' offer for now. I seriously need some rest now, for all of this ranting has made me tired.

Oddly enough, while I was sleeping, I didn't hear any glass breaking or muffled screaming. I swore I heard whispering and a footstep, but I'm pretty sure it was someone blasting music out of their car.

Post 2

I just checked Y0uTub3. There's no sign of a live stream, but Freddrick is using it to alert some of his Followers. I have absolutely no fucking clue what to do.

Also, I'm going to talk about the Jeffery in the picture. Based on the video, which was a compilation of a man burning some houses down, I'm pretty sure that's a foreign exchange student I knew in school. He never was much of a nice one. During 8th grade, Jeffery claimed that he killed his two dogs and hid them in one of the elementary school's trash cans. He also claimed that he loved to read books about serial killers, especially ones on Ed Gein. Jeffery finally got expelled during 9th grade for trying to cut off the hand of a classmate that refused to buy drugs that he owned. Damn. That's twice that someone I used to know in high school has become a Follower. I'm signing out, and I'm going to think about how to make things right again.

February 7th, 2013

OK, that's it. I've had enough of Freddrick's tortures. I mean, he's just trying to mess around with my head, right? In fact, he probably is! Do you want to know why? A day ago, Freddrick uploaded a fake video to Y0uTub3, showing me typing a blog post on Happy Appy. The fake me was killed so that he can dupe his Followers. How low.

I'm going to be honest. I'm terrible. Yeah, that's right, I'm terrible. What have I done that's amounted to anything? Why didn't I stop researching Happy Appy?! Ever since I watched those episodes back in 2011, my life has spiraled out of control. If I had never watched that DVD, I would've just been a normal guy, but no, I had to look into what shouldn't be looked at. What have I done to help? All I've done is help Freddrick Gorgote get back into killing again, and kidnap my brother. I didn't even stop, even after being warned.

And, hey, you know what? I bet a thousand dollars that, because of my research of Happy Appy, Freddrick helped with the school shooting in Newtown! I'm going to die, and they're not even going to stop at that. My brother will die, Jim will die, and god knows who else will die. Another one of my fans was murdered last week, in fact. What does this say about me? In over a year, I've gotten two of my fans killed already. Some people think I've lost it, and maybe I have, but that doesn't even bother me anymore. I'm just sick of this, and I'm going to go drown my worries in spirits.

February 8th, 2013

I haven't arrived at work for nearly a month, and I'm not even going to go back. My life is so fucked up, why should I care if I don't have a home? For what I've done, I DESERVE it! The Followers are taunting me, still. Last night, around thirty Followers were surrounding my house, chanting. I never wanted it to escalate like this. I just thought Happy Appy was a cool little thing that I could research! But no, I didn't think that the show's fucking insane creator would stalk me and repeatedly ruin my life.

Also, what are the Followers thinking about Freddrick? Do they think he's some sort of dumb angel who will save them from the 'bad?' And talking about Freddrick, I had a talk with Sergeant Newport. He had heard that the Followers had kidnapped my brother. To help me find him, he rounded up thirty members of the police department, as well as Faulkner, to search out and destroy the Followers. Even though it's nice to see that the Followers are in greater trouble now, there's one huge problem with destroying the Followers.

We don't know where the hell they are! Even if we find out where they are, they'd probably kill Vladimir. I guess we'll just have to wait until we get another clue. On a slightly good note, Y0uTub3 went down last night. I bet it was either the authorities or a Follower fucking up the server. And you know what?

That's it.

That's all I have to say. Please stop following me, or you might be next to die at that fucker and his retarded brainwashed group's hands. I honestly can't believe that the fate of my brother is resting on a bunch of donut-munching police officers who probably have no idea who Freddrick Gorgote is! They aren't going to fucking save him. They will die. He will die. I will die. EVERYONE I KNOW IS GOING TO FUCKING DIE BECAUSE OF MY ACTIONS! I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, YOU GODDAMN SCHIZO

February 9th, 2013

I'm a fucking mess. Ever since my brother was kidnapped, I've spent nearly my weekly paycheck on alcohol to try and drink the whole abduction thought away. Soon, I'm going to run out of money and spend the rest of my life as a hobo! Even if I end up homeless because of my drinking problem, I will never join the Followers! So what if those fuckers scratch him up? Vladimir's pretty tough, I think, so it'll be some time before they give him back to me!

Goddamnit! I feel like every time I say something that I hope will happen, it doesn't happen at all! That's because I'm a fucking failure who likes to stick my nose in things that I shouldn't know about! And you know what? I'm joining the Followers so that I can get my brother back! Yeah, Freddrick, you didn't expect that, did you? Well, guess what? The first person related to Happy Appy that I'll kill will be you. Sure, you'll be saying "You can't kill ze leader of ze Followers!" How about you shut up, you Nazi piece of shit? You worked on, nay, DIRECTED the Noggin version of Happy Appy, so your murder is WAY past due. And I'm gonna fuck you up!

First, I'll bring you to the most abandoned place in Aberdeen, and strangle you! Once you pass out, I'll do to you what you have been threatened to do to me. Unlike what you planned to do, however, it'll be ten times worse! Not only will I film the thing and give it to every black market, but I'll make your Followers feast on your goddamn flesh! It's just like that bitch who owns PETA, but more suitable to your standards! Once you die, your brainwashed zombies will recognize me as their new leader, and I'll bring your group to the ground! Try to get around that!

I deserve to be locked up. You hear me, Newport? I want your slacker cops to lock me up for the rest of my life! Treat me like the Followers don't exist and I'm completely FUCKING insane! Don't end my life short by giving me the death penalty, no! Just throw me in jail so that I can get what I deserve! Bypass the judicial system, make a kangaroo court, I don't care how you do it!

February 11th, 2013

To everyone who was worried about the last post, I've calmed down for the most part. Also, I have some good news for once. We found out where the Followers are hiding.

It was around 6:30 in the morning when I got a call from Newport. He claimed that he managed to kill one of the Followers, and that I should come over to the police station. After getting dressed, I made my way over to the station. There were two police cars blaring their sirens outside, as well as a sedan that was being inspected by Faulkner and another officer. I made my way into the station, and I saw Newport inspecting the body of a man who had been shot in the chest. The dead man had held an AK-47 and a pistol.

I asked Newport what had happened. He told me that at 6:15 AM, the man had come into the station, brought out the AK-47, and tried to shoot up the place. However, he was killed a minute later by Officer Shepburn. Newport told me that I should inspect his body for any clues on who he might be. I proceeded to check the overcoat he was wearing, and found three clues. The first was a letter written to him by Freddrick Gorgote.

"To Dudley Frankin,

Gerasim has now got 32 policemen to stop us with. Even though some of my minions have doubts, he's just chickening out. He should be a tough guy and fight us alone, or at least with a friend of his. And I'm going to see that happen! I want you to kill some of the policemen that Gerasim got. Take the video camera that Kwasi gave you and film the entire thing. I want to put it into Season 4's first episode, "Happy's Fun Riot".


The second was an old camcorder. It was recorded in Super-VHS, so I will watch the contents of the tape when I get the chance. Finally, the third clue was the envelope that the letter had come in. I read it, and I found out that the Followers were hiding out in the Gorgote Farm all along! I, honestly, should have known that they were going to use the farm as a hideout, but oh well. Since we know the address of where the farm is, we're going to have to go across the country to Maine so that the Followers can be ended once and for all.

I honestly don't want to risk my life to watch the Followers end. I've already risked the lives of 32 policemen and my brother because of the Followers, and I don't want to risk mine... I almost want to keep out of this raid entirely. But I'm getting my brother back from those cultists, no matter what! Goodbye, my readers! I'll return in a week or so.

February 14th, 2013

We're now at Portland, Maine. The Gorgote Farm is about 100 miles outside Portland, meaning we're going to have to get some fuel at the gas station. We couldn't bring our weapons on the flight, so the state police have given us a lot of weapons that we need to use if we want to permanently disband the Followers. The laptop needs to be recharged, so I'll see you after we've destroyed the Farm.

Also, I watched the Super-VHS tape before we left for Maine. Most of what's on it are kills that Kwasi had done during the Rwandan Genocide, but the end shows Dudley Frankin going into the police station and shooting it up.

February 16th, 2013

It is done. The Followers have been disbanded. Since I'm tired, I will only do this post on the raid.

During the night of February 14th, we followed a set of directions that would take us to the Gorgote Farm. As the roads were still filled with snow from the recent blizzard that hit the Northeast, it took us longer than it should have to get to the farm. Halfway there, our truck got stuck, so an officer and I had to clear out snow to get it moving again. We eventually reached the Gorgote Farm. The farm was pretty big, around 500 hectares in area, with a three-story building near the middle. There was a barbed wire fence covering the entirety of the border of the farm. As we made our way to the entrance of the farm, we saw a sign that originally looked like it read GORGOTE FAMILY FARMS, but because of the Followers, "ABANDONED" was written all over it.

As we got closer to the building in the middle, one of the officers claimed that he could see a few figures staring at them on the fields and in the windows of the house. Shepherd told the officer to ignore them, as it was a clear attempt by the Followers to get us out of our vehicles. We saw what we believed was Happy's van in the parkway, which may or may not be the original one. Eventually, we reached the halfway point of the path. I grabbed a rifle and pistol, as well as several cartridges of ammunition, before leaving the cars we were in. We proceeded to walk up the rest of the way to the house when we all heard a male scream.


As soon as the voice stopped speaking, Newport said to himself "Oh boy. This is not gonna be pretty." All of a sudden, we heard something made of metal hit one of the cars. The only female officer to join us screamed that it was a grenade, and all of us ducked as one of our cars blew up, alerting even more Followers.

At that point, what would have been a simple raid turned into the fucking Invasion of Normandy!

The Followers on the fields started to dash towards our group, armed with various melee weapons. We proceeded to shoot them, as they were too foolish to actually bring a gun with them. However, every time we shot a Follower, it looked like another appeared in his/her place. After a couple of minutes of fighting, it looked like there weren't any more Followers on the fields, so we started to barge down the door.

If we had noticed that five Followers snuck up behind us, we wouldn't have lost three members of our group. When we hit the door the second time, we heard muffled screaming, and another officer said that the Followers were killing some of the officers. Four of us proceeded to shoot down the group and stayed guard for when another group tried to kill us again. I saw that a Follower was trying to plant a grenade so that we wouldn't have vehicles if we needed to get out of the farm. Thankfully, Newport also saw him, and shot the Follower before he could put the grenade in. As the Follower stumbled back, the grenade he planted was still in his hand, with the pin out. You can guess what happened next.

Eventually, we barged down the door to see ten Followers armed with knives march at us. We ended up killing all ten of them at the loss of two more Officers. The 28 of us split into four groups of seven, each with different aims. The group with me, Newport, and Faulkner was about trying to save Vladimir, while the others were about killing Freddrick, stopping the Followers, and destroying the building. As my group went through the house, we experienced only one attack from a Follower which injured the female officer, but didn't kill her. After a while, we couldn't find Vladimir on the first floor, so we went into the second floor. What greeted us were the dead bodies of the group that were supposed to kill Freddrick, which included Shepherd.

Thankfully, we weren't horrified enough to not notice five Followers coming near us. Once I pointed them out, Newport finally snapped and tried to take all five of them on. It was only a matter of seconds before he was brutally murdered.

Rest in peace.

The six of us did manage to kill the group, but we made a pact to not be distracted by anything else. We checked the second floor for Vladimir, but we didn't find him. Thankfully for us, the two remaining groups below us were okay, and didn't lose any members yet. Finally, we went up to the third floor, which only had one room. The door was locked, but as we got closer, we heard the muffled screams of a male being tortured with a Russian accent.

It was Vladimir, no doubt about it. We proceeded to barge down the door, and saw a somewhat grizzly image in front of us. Vladimir was on a stretcher without a shirt, with large scars on his chest. His torturer was hidden in the shadows, but his accent was similar to Freddrick. He was even holding that damn knife. The room contained various statues made of body parts. Faulkner stepped forward, and said "Freddrick Gorgote, you are under arrest for being the-" before getting shot by the shadowy man. Since I didn't want anyone else to be killed by the Followers, I grabbed my pistol and shot the shadowy man. He stumbled fell forward to show that it was Freddrick's brother, Johnny. I ran to the stretcher that Vladimir was on.

He said "Gerasim, is that you?"

I responded with "Yeah, it's me. Heh, you aren't as wounded as I thought you would be!"

Vladimir remarked "I actually joined them a day ago. Johnny B. Goode here was about to carve the symbol of the group in my chest until you shot him."

I exclaimed "Okay, don't do shit like that! I don't want you to become the next Patty Hearst!"

Vladimir sighed, and said "I had to do that so that I wouldn't be tortured, you see. But now that you're finally destroying the Followers, let's get out of this hell on Earth!"

As I got him out, I heard the screams of the teams below us. Knowing that the Followers probably were attacking them, we had to get out and call up the state police before we were next. We dashed out of the building, killing a few Followers along the way. We got into one of the two trucks that had been unscathed, and proceeded to call the state police. During this, Vladimir, who was wearing my coat, and I shot down the Followers that dared to attack us. We saw some Followers run away from the house, not wanting to be arrested or killed.

Eventually, the police came in over ten vehicles, and proceeded to arrest the Followers remaining in the house. We were given statistics of how many policemen survived and how many Followers died. Seven of us survived the raid on the house. They were the five from my group, Vladimir, and Officer Saben from the "Killing Freddrick" group. Fifty Followers died, including Jeffery, Johnny Gorgote, Axel Johansson, and Nash Hamm. Fifteen Followers were arrested, including Ray Bollia and Klara Romanov. The worst part is that about half of the Followers are unaccounted for. Freddrick, the Popov twins, Riagan, Janto, and Fox Garner are the biggest members that need to be killed or arrested.

I presume that Ray Bollia joined the Followers so that he wouldn't be tortured like Vladimir was. Vladimir's now in the hospital, being treated for some of his wounds.

February 17th, 2013

This will be the last post of the blog. It isn't about a new episode, Follower death or arrest, or my brother. It's about Freddrick. On August 18th, 2009, some guys had discovered a complete set of patient data for an insane asylum in Maine. It wasn't until the first of February that they discovered an erased name, Patient #0369. After a few days of trying to read the faint handwriting, they had confirmed it to be Kristoffer Holzer, Freddrick's dad. It doesn't sound that interesting, right?

Well, no.

If papers from the same asylum are to be believed, the creator of "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa", Jerry Samuels, did not create the song. Instead, it was Kristoffer Holzer, who killed Elias Downer when he kidnapped his dog. When Kristoffer was sent to the asylum, an officer took the record to Samuels, and he polished the song made a fortune off of it. The 1990s sequel to the song, "They're Coming to Take Me Away Again, Ha-Haaa!", was created entirely by Samuels, who had already made songs by himself, doing an exact impersonation of Kristoffer. This is why the voices didn't exactly match up. It also explains why Freddrick has an obsession with the song.

Post 2

Since some people have been requesting it, here's the completed episode list. For Season 3, I will be using the actual production order than the order I got the episodes.

Season 1

  1. Happy's Vacation/Hurt Happy
  2. Monkey Bar Mishap/Happy Goes to School
  3. Happy at the Fruit Olympics/Nate Needs Help
  4. Never Run with Knives/Happy Fixes Kids
  5. Happy Fixes Kids, Part 2/Happy Fixes Kids, Part 3
  6. The Towers/Happy the Doctor
  7. Happy in Space/Mean Miranda
  8. Happy Appy Goes to the Circus (?)
  9. Happy's Trick/Hospital Doctor (???)
  10. The Happy Appy Movie

Season 2

  1. Happy Meets the Rhubears/Camp Aaah!
  2. Happy and the Oranges/Happy's Van Breaks
  3. Lighter/Happy and Blackberry
  4. Forenzik, the Big Help/Nuxik
  5. Rose of Blood 'n Bones/Can of Kill
  6. Jar of Hate/Happy's Rising
  7. Happy Kills Benny/Miranda Lives
  8. Miranda Dies
  9. Forenzik, a Bigger Help/Meaner
  10. Happy Appy's Christmas/Happy's House
  11. Forenzik, the Biggest Help/Danny's Love
  12. Happy Fest/Happy Rots in Hell
  13. Epilogue

Season 3

  1. Happy the Pirate/Happy's Parlor
  2. Happy's Birthday/Danny Returns
  3. A Day at the Tracks/Happy's Hotel
  4. Happy's Hotel, Part 2/Happy Makes a Movie
  5. Happy Appy and the Demolition Derby
  6. Happy Appy Goes to the Circus (Redux)
  7. The Happy Appy Movie 2 (The Followers)
  8. Forenzik Rises (The Happy Appy Movie 2, Part 1)
  9. Forenzik Rises 2: They All Die (The Happy Appy Movie 2, Part 2)
  10. The Followers (The Happy Appy Movie 2, Part 3)

Season 4

  1. Happy's Fun Riot (Not publically released)

One last thing, before I leave this blog forever. I've destroyed the Happy Appy puppet, the DVDs, the countless VHS copies of the episodes, and I've gotten Y0uTub3 taken off of the web. I'm not doing this for myself, however. I'm doing this because hopefully, if I can destroy all evidence that this show ever existed, no one will be killed because of the show. Freddrick, if you're reading this, please burn in hell like the demonic motherfucker that you are!