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Happy Appy
Hapy apy
Happy Appy
Vital statistics
Name Happy Appy
Gender Male
Occupation Helping or killing kids

Happy Appy (Real name Herschel Albert not final) is the title character and primary antagonist (due to Forenzik's influence) of the TV show, as well as the creepypasta and it's spin-offs and sequel. He is voiced by Blair Meyes in Season 1, and an unknown voice actor in Seasons 2 and 3. In the show, he is a red apple with green lips and blue eyes, as well as arms and hands.

The voice of HappyEdit

According to Jim Forester's site and "The 1000 Facts of Happy Appy", Tony Jay auditioned, but Jim claimed "Jay's audition is too scary, you would get phone calls from angry mothers, you wouldn't want that.", Then (according to Rough Drafts of Happy Appy) Trestan Yae was said to voice the character, then got rejected in the final editions. Then Blair Meyes was chosen. He left the show in 2000 to work on Fright House Screamers, Meyes continued to voice the character until he retired.

Currently, in Season 4, Lloyd Myers does the voice of Happy Appy.


  • It's never explained why Appy couldn't just be eaten if the kids wanted to kill him, since he basically is just an apple with a face.
    • Although, it's likely attempting this would allow Appy to stab them in the face, but this still can be prevented if he's turned backwards.
    • Also, the kids might not be smart enough or too scared to attempt this, as they are little children.
  • The pose Happy's hands are constantly seen in is remarkably similar to the image of Baphomet. This seems to imply Happy is some sort of demon, or at least the disguise used by one.