Happy Appy's Puzzle Piece
Season 0, Episode 3
Air date (unaired)
Written by Freddrick Gorgote
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Happy Appy's Puzzle Piece is the second pilot for Happy Appy.


The episode starts with Happy trying to solve a puzzle. He is asking the viewer where each piece should go. When he was almost finished, he noticed that one part was missing. Then he looks for it in the puzzle box; he starts wondering where he placed it. Later he finds a map leading to the missing puzzle piece.

He says "Woah! A map!" Then he turns to another Camera and says "Hey kids! Wanna go on an adventure?" He waits 5 seconds and says "Great!" He then follows the treasure map and says "Looks like we have to go on a bridge."

He walks to the bridge where he sees a kid (about 6-7 years old) crying then Happy says "What's wrong?" the kid says "I was running when I tripped over a broken piece of wood on the bridge and hurt my knee" then Happy says "Don't worry I'll help you" and puts a bandage over the kid's knee.

The kid says "Thanks Happy." and Happy Says "No problem, hey, do you want to help me look for my missing puzzle piece?" the kid says "Yes!" And they walk away.

Happy then looks at the map again and says "Okay, now we have to go to the playground." Happy and the kid walk to the playground and see a little girl (the same age as the boy) crying.

Happy asks "What's wrong?" the girl says "I was riding my bike when I hit a bump,and I fell!”. Happy then helps her.

Happy looks at the map and says "The missing piece is behind this tree" The boy says "I think it's buried under the tree" Then Happy says "Well, maybe" and they get a shovel and dig out a little box with a puzzle piece inside it.

Then they rush home and finish the puzzle. Then Happy says to the viewer "I Hope you enjoyed this production reel of Happy Appy, see you next time." Then the episode ends.

Trivia Edit

  • We never learn what the puzzle shows.
  • In this episode, Happy is not yet a deranged psychopath.