Happy's Rising
Season 2, Episode 12
Happy's Rising
Air date 16/11/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Happy Kills Benny


The episode starts with Happy healing a kid using a bandage, then he says “Hey kids, want to come have fun with me and Benny?” Everyone, including Benny, comes running into Happy Appy's van. However, to trick Happy, Benny leaves quickly and silently. Later on, it shows Happy with a hand grenade and he says “Want to see a cool trick?” Of course, the children shout yes. Happy throws a smoke bomb, drops the grenade, and gets out of the van. We hear a child scream as the van explodes into a thousand pieces. The scene is very realistic, with body parts everywhere. Happy polishes a toe, puts it in a jar, and puts the jar in a mysterious brown bag which has been in the background since the Blackberry episode for whatever reason. Benny runs over to Danny, who is playing with a girl. Benny says "Happy tried to kill me!" and Danny says "Well, at least you’re safe with me here." and the episode ends.

By this point in the series, most children are still susceptible to the charms of Happy Appy. Benny and Danny apparently have higher intellects and better intelligence quotients.

Errors Edit

It is unclear why a mutilated body part would need to be polished, but Happy may have OCD.