Happy's House
Season 2, Episode 19
Happy's House
Air date 23/12/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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In this episode see a nice looking house, with Happy standing in front of it. Happy then says "Hey kids! Who wants to see my house?" and walks inside. We get a tour of Happy's house. For the first half, it seemed like a normal house. Suddenly, Happy says "Now for the main highlight of the tour. Are you ready to see my basement?" He goes outside and opens the cellar door. We see a dark room. Happy flicks on the light switch, and we see the basement, full of body parts. On the walls were dry splatters of blood, and skin stretched to look like bear rugs. On the various tables were jars of body parts. There was one table covered in a cloth with a humanoid figure under it. Happy then says "Hey kids! Do you like my workshop?", and goes to the table. He says "Well kids, here's my magnum opus under this cloth." He unravels the cloth, and what's under it is a statue of a human, made of human parts. It's unfinished, to say at least. Happy has yet to add the organs and the rest of the skin. Happy says "Hey kids, you should make a statue like mine!" and then the credits rolled.

Trivia Edit

  • Happy's house has running water and electricity.
  • He also has a poster of a rock star on his bedroom wall.
  • Happy's house does not have a kitchen, since apples do not have digestive systems.

Errors Edit

Kids should not make any statues like his.

Most kids would not know what a "magnum opus" means, unless they are fluent in Latin.

A picture of the scene, as seen on the blog