Season 2, Episode 24
Air date 28/12/1999
Written by Kevin Costo
Directed by (Unknown)
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The episode begins with someone playing Gloomy Sunday by Rezső Seress, while it shows clips from all the episodes in its intro, (minus the snuff ones), albeit in black and white. It cuts to a man typing on a typewriter on his desk with the crushed Appy at its side. The paper the man is typing on seems to be about Happy Appy. A subtitle appears that says "Portrayed by an actor". A narrator talks over this scene.

"It looks like the evil rampage of Happy Appy has come to a close. Although he had died, his unfortunate impact on the world lives on. The many people who died on that show did it so the sick man who directed the show could see his true vision, a snuff TV show. Where the director is, I have no idea, but I think everybody would like to think that he died in a gruesome way."

But the man turns his face to the camera.

"You'd think he had died. But, although Happy is long dead, the director lives on, and somewhere in the world, he is making private home movies, which continue the horrible story of Happy Appy. But, you might be wondering one thing. Why did Happy Appy go so bad? We might never know until the director comes out and reveals why he made Happy kill all these people."

We see the director slowly fix Happy's puppet with clay model utensils.

"Somewhere in the world, the director is slowly rebuilding Happy's clay model, damaged in the series finale of Happy Appy. And if the director rebuilds Happy's clay model, who knows who might be killed next. It could be a celebrity's child. It could be the president's child. It could be any child. We can only say two things. The director is alive, and he might be killing someone. I hope someone will kill the director, Freddrick Gorgote."

It cuts to Happy's rebuilt model. The director adds a knife, it cuts to black, and a scream is heard.

"I hope someone will kill Forenzik."

Then the credits rolled.


  • Kevin Costo who got a job at Nickelodeon made an epilogue to Happy Appy.
  • In the world of Happy Appy, killing the president's child is not considered an offense.
  • You would think he would have died.