Danny's Love
Season 2, Episode 21
Danny's Love
Air date 25/12/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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In this episode we see Danny kissing the girl from a few episodes back, and Danny says "I love you, Jenny!" Happy notices Jenny from the bushes. He says "Hey kids! Who wants to see a relationship end?" Jenny goes near the road. She notices that a limo is there which looks like the one Aphex rode in “Happy Meets the Rhubears”. Excited for whatever reason, she knocks on the window. A man in shades, who looks a lot like John Wilkinson, rolls down the window. She says "Hey Mister, you have a nice car!" He smiles, and says "Thanks!" Suddenly, Happy opens the door, and grabs Jenny. We see the limo drive away. Danny sees the limo drive away with Jenny. Danny screams, and was seen crying for the last 5 minutes of the episode.

Trivia Edit

Most viewers actually did want to see the relationship end, because Jenny is not a match for Danny. Danny knows not to go near darkened limousines, whereas Jenny is fully willing to go near them, and even talk to deranged men in sunglasses.

Errors Edit

  • Limousines are not that great. They are a bit stunning at first, but by now most people accept them as a part of life.