Can of Kill
Season 2, Episode 10
Can of kill title card
Air date 02/11/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Jar of Hate
Can of Kill is a Season 2 episode of Happy Appy.


Happy is seen cleaning out big tin cans while working on his van. He then slaps a note on it that says "OPEN ME." It contained a spray bottle of poison. Quincy walks up to it, gets sprayed, and falls unconscious. An address then appears to order a Can of Kill. In the credits, Happy is dragging Quincy into the van.


  • A Can of Kill costs 5 dollars.
  • A Can of Kill is filled with anthrax, a poison gas.
  • The address led to the production studio of Happy Appy.
  • No Cans of Kill were ever ordered, possibly due to its poison nature.
  • Because no Cans of Kill were ordered, the Can of Kill economy crashed soon afterward.
  • The name is similar to the following episode, "Jar of Hate." This may seem obvious to the adept reader, but all details of this series must be covered.
  • Dennis Deese was absent in this episode, being replaced by a man named Waldon Prisa, the backup voice for Happy in Season 2.
  • Wanda Rinky and Della Falder are the two background girls playing hopscotch in the beginning.
  • Randwell Devis was credited as a writer of this episode. He also wrote Happy Fest, Camp Aaaaah!, and Nuxik.
  • One reason why people didn't order cans of kill was probably because they can be homemade.