Camp Aaah!
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date 07/09/1999
Written by (Unknown)
Directed by Freddrick Gorgote
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Camp Aaah! is the second episode of season 2.


Happy Appy visits a summer camp with two girls.


The episode starts with Happy driving his van while saying “Who's ready for a camping trip?” with two girls in the passenger seats cheering. After driving for a while, Happy Appy parks in the camp gets out of the van and sits next to the girls. After staring at the sky for a few seconds, the beach bully apple appears. Happy says “Move it, ladies”.

The beach bully apple then says “Don't go on the beach!” and Happy says “Why?” and the other apple says “Because I said so!” and pushes Happy out of the way. Happy decides to go up the trail to the beach. What he finds are a bunch of children playing on the beach, and one is poking at something out of view with a stick. It turns to the object, which is Miranda's body. Happy screams “STOP DOING THAT!” and brings out a knife. The next shot is the girls still sitting on the washcloth when they hear children screaming. One of the girls says “What happened?” and the other one says “Let's go find out!”.

Nimrod two.

The two girls go to the beach, but what they find are a bunch of children's bodies in one horrifying pile. On the top of the pile was a bloodstained Happy Appy with a knife. He turns around with a death smile and says “Hey girls, I have a present for you! Come over here!” and they both walk over, and it cuts to the same place where Happy was sitting with them. Suddenly, the girls start screaming. Then the episode ends with Happy Appy dragging some children back into his van, and driving off, with this narration.

“And that, my friends, is how Camp Aaah got its name, from Happy Appy himself!”


  • Right after the beach bully apple says "Move it, ladies" something happened and Happy's voice was different, the girls looked different too and so did the beach bully apple.
  • Although the sequence of events in this episode does somewhat resemble the comic strip found in the Charles Atlas advertisements, Charles Atlas denies having anything to do with it. Perhaps Happy Appy is into bodybuilding.
  • Camp Aaah did not get its name from Happy Appy. It got its name from the founder of the camp, Joe Aaah. Happy simply likes to give himself the credit for everything.
  • After Happy says “Who's ready for a camping trip?”, one of the kids says "I do!". It's possible that Happy's original line was “Who wants to go on a camping trip?”, but after changing it, they forgot to change the kid's line.
Happy Appy Camp Aaah!

Happy Appy Camp Aaah!

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