Any suggestions on creating some animated Happy Appy episodes? I have asked people who have already created Happy Appy episodes like Pasta397,who said Mean Miranda is a good starter,but what would y’all like to see 👀

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  • Creepyjokes2000

    I don't feel like creating a full page on the fan-made series I made of Happy Appy, so instead I'm doing this blog post.

    This part is on Episode's

    1. Happy Explodes
    2. Danny Explodes

    1. Happy The Gamer
    2. Happy Kills Cadenky
    3. Reality
    4. Another Meanie
    5. Happy Appy Part 1
    6. Happy Appy Part 2

    1. Happy's Fun Riot (recreation)
    2. Danny's Love (recreation)

    This part is on Character's

    1. Happy Appy
    2. Forenzik
    3. Danny

    1. Glenn Funtz
    2. Dog Man
    3. T.K.O
    4. Cadence
    5. Franky

    This part is on the Crew

    1. Freddrick Gorgote (directer)
    2. Gerasim Yakovlev (air conditioner controller)
    3. Jackson Mersen (writer)
    4. Jim Forester (animation producer)
    5. Warren Cook (graphics producer)
    6. William Garcia (editor)

    This part is on Media

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  • TehEvilKitteh


    June 10, 2018 by TehEvilKitteh

    I make animation memes kids My YT is Katten I only have one sub ;^; so please subscribe! (Not forcing you,I would like it though)

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  • Leonardboblea

    Creators Video

    May 6, 2018 by Leonardboblea

    look to this video of the happy appy creators,please, put in pages!

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  • DabOnTheHaters9

    Today I'll be talking about the inconsiderate little fuck known as Happy Appy. It was a really gory and shitty show that was about an Apple named Happy Appy. The show was cancelled because that damn Apple started killing innocent little kids. That FuckFace's show deserved to get cancelled anyway. Well, Happy Appy was SUPER CREEPY!!!!!! I'll tell you more as I go on on this blog. See ya!

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  • Pasta937

    Here are some more images from the Happy Appy Youtube series.

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  • ThisIsLucid

    Well hello

    March 4, 2017 by ThisIsLucid
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  • Dronian


    August 7, 2016 by Dronian

    I think it's finally time to reveal the biggest mysteries of the Happy Appy 'universe'.

    • "Why are some of the stories unfinished?"
    • "Is Gerasim serious? He acts like a 12-year-old."
    • "What kind of fucking sperglord made this shitpasta?"

    Well, I'll answer all of the questions: You've all been rused in probably THE longest, most overdrawn ruse session in Wikia history. Let me explain myself and my acts. As the REAL 'Dronian'. Not some phony-ass ROBLOX-loving special kid that I've been masquerading as for the last five odd years.

    For the first month or so of this account's existance, I used it completely straight - editing the ROBLOX Wiki, I was around 12 back then, still technically in the age group for that game. After a few weeks of this, I grew b…

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  • Jean Pierre Game

    BECAUSE Of Happy Appy Videos But JUST FAKE! Wel SURE


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  • Pasta937

    Hello, This is Pasta937 here to tell you about how the episodes are made.

    Around July 25, 2014, I saw someone recreated the famous Two Towers episode from Happy Appy. Yes I know It wasn't a real show on Noggin or Nick Jr, But It was kind of realistic to see it.

    So I thought I can make one. Around October 2014, I started making Happy's Van Breaks using Sony Vegas to animated it. The only problem is that i have trouble recording using a mic. So I use Text To Speech sounds instead. I would use the pan crop tool so I can move the characters on the background.

    I do have a account but I did tell a person to upload which his profile name is Happy Appy, (Now known as "The discovered happy appy footage" I give him links to upload it. It had a couple o…

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  • Dronian

    Happy Appy cannot be salvaged

    December 13, 2014 by Dronian

    Happy Appy (and its sequels) cannot be salvaged.

    Yes, I am aware that the story sucks. You're not a special snowflake if you think that. Reading it nowadays - especially the sequels - makes me cringe, and that's saying something. Back in 2011, the story was one of the creepiest "Lost Episodes" pastas out there, but now it's not, to say the least. I wanted to go through the story and make it a little more bearable to read, but I'm not going to waste another year of my life fixing something that came from that cesspool known as ROBLOX. I've got better things to do and work on, which I won't reveal. You will probably find them out on your own.

    Does that mean I'm going to delete the wiki? No. If you like the stories, then I'll keep it up for you…

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  • Lily2479

    Now, starting with Happy Appy.

    Happy Appy appeared on Nick Jr around 1999, he is a clay apple with blue eyes, arms, and big, green lips. He has a stick (Long or Flat, maybe). He was supposed to help kids all day, but as the show went on, it got weirder and weirder. Later on, the show was cancelled from Nick Jr, and it was never shown again.

    Then comes Happy Apple.

    Happy Apple is from a made-up Adult Parody Comic that was made up in my mind for some reason. Happy Apple was made by a fox wolf-like anthro named John Bon. Happy Apple is a clay apple just like the other from from 1999. He mostly had a round, rusted and unbreakable stick made out of smooth wood made by his furry creator. Instead of being around the 90's, he was around the 80's, lik…

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  • Dronian

    Over a year ago, I created this blog post in order to find out what the Happy Appy fans wanted to be changed in the main stories. Now, with the sudden surge in popularity of this wiki (due to the removal of the story and such), I feel like this blog post should be revived again.

    Basically, suggest changes that I should make to the Happy Appy series. The stories that you can choose are Happy Appy, Fright House Screamers, Forenzik/The Forenzik Journals, The Insane Man, or Dumb Angel.

    The suggestions that you can suggest me to do are:

    • Removing plotholes
    • Reducing narm in the story
    • Extending some short blog posts/scenes
    • Fixing awkwardly-worded parts
    • Creating a new post that advances the story

    The suggestions that you can't suggest me to do are:

    • Fixing the e…
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  • Happyappyresarcher95

    3/12/2014 hello there i found a file on my pc after i saw that my house was broken into it said lsothpapyayppadntehgoedln aplep i will try to decode it i think it may be happy appy related beacuse i have done resarch on happy appy so i dont know if its alost episode or a missing level form happy appy and the golden apple but i will put all the lost level/episode things in here

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  • Happyappyresarcher95

    hello there its me chris  /happy appy resarcher i am in the works of makeing some spinoff pastas to happy appy 1 

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  • Happyappyresarcher95


    March 4, 2014 by Happyappyresarcher95

    hello everyone its happyappyresarcher95 but you can call me chirs for a nickname anyways i will try to help the wiki as much as possible also i like cats

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  • Superluigieth1

    Foxtrot Uniform

    February 14, 2014 by Superluigieth1

    If you don't know what Foxtrot Uniform is, it's Fucked Up. See that picture. Then look back. You just said WUT. Wait, you didn't? Shit! My jokes are bad. What is the point of this Blog po- Wait... ...My assistant told me that you are horrifi- What... ...Sorry. Wrong post. Bye. From Earth Prime (The Earth where there is no Hitler).

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  • ClashJLS


    January 17, 2014 by ClashJLS


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  • Dronian

    Enabling Comments

    January 3, 2014 by Dronian

    I just enabled comments on articles in order to make it easier for people to talk about the pages and/or stories on this wiki.

    So yeah.


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  • FreddrickGorgote

    Hello, Happy Appy fans! I know you are looking forward to the Season 5 premiere of Happy Appy on Nick Jr. in a few months, so I have decided to release a script for episode 1, Danny's Revival!

    Outside of Hospital, Day

    You hear a man say "clear" followed by zapping.

    Inside of Hospital, Day

    Danny is shown being zapped awake. The shot shows his face as he says "Time to kill that killer of an apple."

    Happy's Van, Street next to playground, Day

    Happy finishes murdering a child in his van with a chainsaw. The second he steps out onto the sidewalk, Danny runs up to him and tackles him. It cuts to an overhead shot of the two as Danny punches Happy multiple times. Happy shoves Danny off of him and the shot switches to a side view as Danny stumbles back a…

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  • Dronian

    The Final Decision

    November 7, 2013 by Dronian

    Sometime soon, the Happy Appy creepypasta, as well as its sequels (except for The Insane Man), will be removed from the Creepypasta Wiki, and the pages will be turned into redirects to the stories on this wiki. This is mostly because of the many times I revise the pasta, and how frustrating it must be for the administrators of the wiki.

    By doing this, not only will I be able to work on the pasta in public without having Skelly unlocking the page on the Creepypasta Wiki every time, but many people wanting to read the pasta will be redirected here, and may help out with the wiki. I say 'may' because there's a baffling amount of children and Homestuck fans in the fandom. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get the motivation to finish Happy Appy 3!


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  • Dronian

    On Updates

    October 2, 2013 by Dronian

    If you haven't known, I have posted Happy Appy's latest revision on the Creepypasta Wiki. The good news is that this edit will be the last to the pasta...

    ...that is, the one on the Creepypasta Wiki.

    There will still be edits to the pasta on this wiki, but none shall happen on the other wiki. I need to spend more of my time working on Happy Appy 3...

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  • Sheogorath Daedric Prince of Madness

    Author's Note:Before anyone gets assblasted this is all fan-made nothing here at all is to be taken as official I am only trying to make it sound believeable within cannon, no main characters will appear in this story.

    Hey there My name is Steven, Gerasim as we all know has been researching and posting happy appy episodes, but they're still many he has missed that I know about I shall be posting them here to save him from the trouble of hunting, these long lost episodes himself, these episodes were never even released to the public as for why and for which seasons they belong in I have no idea.

    Below is the 1st episode gerasim never found that I have posted here i found it on a old youtube clone that has long been abandoned (its nothing inte…

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  • Dronian


    September 13, 2013 by Dronian

    31 32 20 34 2d 38 2d 38 2e 0d 0a 0d 0a 31 37 2d 36 2d 31 38 2d 33 2d 31 2d 33 33 20 32 32 2d 31 2d 39 2d 31 20 22 31 30 2d 31 35 2d 31 36 2d 31 39 2d 32 30 2d 31 38 2d 31 2d 31 35 2d 31 35 2d 31 36 2d 31 31 20 31 37 2d 31 33 2d 31 2d 31 35 2d 36 2d 32 30 2d 32 39 22 20 31 37 2d 31 38 2d 31 30 2d 32 2d 32 39 2d 31 33 2d 31 20 33 20 39 2d 31 2d 33 2d 36 2d 31 38 2d 32 36 2d 36 2d 31 35 2d 31 30 2d 36 2e 0d 0a 0d 0a 33 2d 32 30 2d 31 36 2d 31 38 2d 31 2d 33 33 20 32 32 2d 31 2d 39 2d 31 20 31 35 2d 31 2d 32 35 2d 31 35 2d 36 2d 32 30 2d 31 39 2d 33 33 20 28 31 36 29 2d 31 36 2d 34 2d 31 36 20 31 39 2d 36 2d 31 35 2d 32 30 2d 33 33 2d 32 2d 31 38 2d 33 33 2e 0d 0a 0d 0a 31 36 2d 32 30 20 34 2d 38 2d 38 2e 0d 0a.

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  • Dronian
    • Dronia City - Western Europe
    • Lezon - Russia
    • (Named) Southern States - Eastern Europe
      • Asamber - 1990s Serbia
      • Jokovial - Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Chanbo - Croatia
      • Tamika - Turkey
      • Yarin - Bulgaria
      • Koyo - Slovenia
      • Patazo - Montenegro
      • Thia - Kosovo
    • Southpeak - Ukraine (especially Crimea)
    • Eyon - Greece
    • Laveh - Any country in the Sahara Desert, really
    • Sohorran - AMURICA
    • Goren-Kohorran - South AMURICA
    • Ketamarine - That massive ass island in British Columbia
    • Bebar Isles - Most Pacific islands, New Zealand
    • Otarinae - Mexico (shaped like Baja California)
    • Deserthatter - Southern Europe

    • Dronese royal family - British Royal Family
      • Drok Ano - King Henry VIII (attitude mostly)
      • Drok Ano IV - King George VI
      • Drami Krok'n - The Queen Mother
      • Dronian A'roso - The Queen (or King)
      • Domir A'…

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  • HomahSamsin2024

    I'm putting a lock on every fucking page of this wiki because of these 12 year old assholes. Along with making a page for every episode. If they make a new page, they will be permanently banned. No warnings.

    Where the fuck are you dickheads coming from?

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  • SOMEGUY123

    Season 1 To Do List

    July 17, 2013 by SOMEGUY123

    i will add more plot to these articles:

    Hurt Happy

    Happy Goes to School (Done)

    Happy and the Fruit Olympics (Done)

    Nate Needs Help! (Done)

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  • SOMEGUY123

    My To Do List

    June 19, 2013 by SOMEGUY123

    Hello people of the Happy Appy. 

    I'll try to create the following articles:

    Happy the Doctor (Done)

    Lighter (Done)

    Happy's House (Done)

    Happy Rots in Hell (Done)

    Happy and the Oranges (Done)

    Camp Aaah! (Done)

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  • IronsideTheBroMC

    Does anyone know who leaves the videos that when clicked on lead to a message saying This video does not exist.

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  • Dronian


    April 10, 2013 by Dronian






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  • Dronian

    The Drawing Board

    March 30, 2013 by Dronian

    This blog is where I throw around ideas for the third long story in the Happy Appy series. If I find one good, I'll add it to the story once I get off my ass and start working on it. If it needs work, I shall edit it and either find it good or bad. If it's bad, I'll remove it from the blog post, but it might reappear. However, like always, you can help me with this. You can either suggest me ideas or approve/disapprove of them.


    The Followers change name to the Roundhouse Group, and begin to act more like the infamous Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo. This means that they will try to kill people other than Happy Appy employees. Even then, their largest focus is…

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  • Dronian

    72/72 edits done

    • 26 edits on HA done (DONE. FINALLY.)
    • 10 edits on FHS done (DONE)
    • 10 edits on Forenzik done (DONE)
    • 26 edits on Dumb Angel done (DONE)

    Some of you might have noticed that I have been heavily editing the True Vision version of Happy Appy. This is because I have started work on Happy Appy: The Extended Edition. Adding more backstory to characters, this edit will be the largest to the story. There will be a total of 72 edits to the story; 26 for Happy Appy and Dumb Angel, and 10 for Forenzik and FHS. The official parts to the story will say "Part (number)" Some of the edits will include;

    • Backstory to characters (already mentioned this)
    • A huge plot twist that I'm not going to reveal yet
    • Details to the episodes
    • New posts that either expan…
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  • Dronian
    1. According to Jim Forester’s blog, Tony Jay was one of the people who auditioned for Happy Appy’s voice. “He was one of the better auditions,” said Jim, “but there was a problem. Jay's audition was too scary for kids. If we did put him in the show, we would’ve get phone calls from angry mothers on the very first episode. We wouldn't want that happening (although it did happen when Freddrick aired The Towers), so we declined it.”
    2. Another audition for Happy Appy was Blair Meyes, who actually was originally chosen for the voice of Happy Appy. When they found out that Trestan did a better job of voicing Freddrick Gorgote’s idea for the character, Blair was removed as Happy’s voice.
    3. Another notable audition was Jim Cummings as Happy Appy. He was d…
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  • Dronian

    This blog post contains my unused concepts for Dumb Angel. I will re-add these over time.

    Originally, the post containing the ending for Dumb Angel was going to be more dark.

    • Almost all of the 33 people sent to kill Freddrick's followers would die. Only 6 would survive, Gerasim included.
    • Only 45 Followers would die, with 10 more being arrested. Freddrick would live, as well as (for example) the Popov twins, Riagan, and Fox.
    • Freddrick informs the users of Y0uTub3 that Gerasim needs to die.
    • In the epilogue, Jim Forester is found dead while he was finishing his autobiography on Happy Appy. It gets published by Gerasim. (NOT USED)

    One rejected idea was to have Vladimir die. I decided to remove it.

    Sometime before Vladimir's visit, there will be a pos…

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  • Dronian

    This post contains the possible ending for Dumb Angel!

    I'm actually working on some posts for Dumb Angel, including the ending, as well as a new sci-fi story. The ending for the story is very barebones; I've only got the basic concept and idea for the final three posts.

    Near the end of the story, Vladimir finally comes over to the USA. Shocking, isn't it? Well, a few days after he comes over, Gerasim wakes up to find him missing. A note on Vlad's bed tells Gerasim that Forenzik and his 100 followers have kidnapped him. Let's just say that Gerasim is very pissed and leave it at that. To go into detail, two posts after it is just Gerasim ranting about how he fucked up his life. After a while, Gerasim teams up with 30 members of the Washington …

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  • HomahSamsin2024

    A Small Break

    January 8, 2013 by HomahSamsin2024

    I'm on a case of writers block, basically because I've been working nonstop with Dronian on HA2:DA for the past few weeks. So basically, I'm taking a week off, to get new ideas, and just to take time off. I'm surprised that I managed to get as far as I did on the scaryspaghetti.

    Either Dronian will do edits while I'm gone, or I'll make an onslaught of edits when I get back. See you in a week, guys.


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  • Dronian

    Okay, so I created this blog post for one reason. I want your guys opinion on what should be changed to the Happy Appy pastas. It can be either Happy Appy, FHS, Forenzik, Forenzik Journals, or Dumb Angel.

    Suggestions allowed:

    • Removing plotholes
    • Reducing narm in the story
    • Extending some short scenes
    • Fixing some awkward parts
    • Adding a new post that advances the story

    Suggestions not allowed:

    • Deleting the story
    • Removing Forenzik
    • Making a fictional character a friend of Gerasim

    ADDITION 1: This is for The True Vision, not the original story.

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  • Dronian

    25 Days of Christmas

    December 1, 2012 by Dronian

    For the next 25 days (up until Christmas Eve), I will be updating The True Vision and Dumb Angel with new updates, starting from small nuances to huge complex ones. The updates will be in a cycle; Happy Appy, FHS, Forenzik/Forenzik Journals, Dumb Angel. The final update on the 25th will be a mysterious one.

    Day 1: Happy Appy. Turned code/preformatted things in Happy Appy to regular text, and fixed the italics.
    Day 2: FHS. Did some rewording on some awkward parts. Also removed a reference to Season 3.
    Day 3: Forenzik/Forenzik Journals. Did some rewording on some awkward parts here as well.
    Day 4: Dumb Angel. Extending the posts. Also, a new huge post.
    Day 5: Happy Appy. Scenes with Gerasim talking are improved to make it more lifelike. I will do…

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  • Dronian

    Answering WMGs

    November 20, 2012 by Dronian

    Here are my comments on some of the WMGs on Happy Appy.

    1. No, Freddrick Gorgote is not the Red Mist.
    2. Happy Appy and the Golden Apple hasn't been defictionalized...yet. I wouldn't joss it.
    3. I am not David Firth.
    4. Happy Appy is immortal, as long as Freddrick keeps making episodes of the show.
    5. Happy Appy is not inspired by Andrew Hussie, because fuck MSPA (even though I used to be on the wiki). To be honest, I didn't realize that Happy Appy looked and acted like Hussie!
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  • Dronian

    I've basically updated the True Vision and Dumb Angel to use the version in the soon-to-come copy of the Happy Appy Collection. They remove some more plotholes and narm, as well as change the name of Blair Meyes to Trestan Yae. Probably the biggest changes? An extended September 12th scene, a extended Happy Appy Goes to the Circus, more Forenzik scenes, and Jim and Gerasim watch the Happy Appy episodes.

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  • Zericron

    Something Special...

    September 8, 2012 by Zericron

    This is just a repost just in case I want to take down the one on my profile. Just to remind you guys that.

    Hey Guys, Zericron here. On my Youtube account I'm going to make a series called "Blunders". It's about certain characters doing some mistakes that they normally wouldn't do. The episodes will be completely random and everything in that one episode I premire will always focus on that character. Season on Ep 0 is going to air privately on Youtube and is going to be called, "Happy's Blunder: Reckless Kill". It's going to be about Happy killing Rob, Bob's brother from the PBS P Pal Bloopers. So put a picture in your head as I tell you the episode. Rob is looking for another series to put on PMAS: The Private Martial Arts Service. He foun…

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  • JerseyJimmy

    piss off

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  • Millard1996

    CRCT test

    April 11, 2012 by Millard1996

    Hey guys, i have a very important test i have to take in the next 2 weeks. So i will update wikis soon.

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  • Loveboy01

    Enjoy this wiki!

    December 29, 2011 by Loveboy01

    Hello. I am saying that ENJOY THIS WIKI! Do not NOT vandalise or troll, or you may get blocked!

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  • Loveboy01

    Happy Appy 2

    December 29, 2011 by Loveboy01

    Read Happy Appy 2, midwaythrough now!

    Happy Appy! Happy Appy! Happy Appy 2: ReinCARNAGEated! Read more >
  • EASfangeek7288

    I am mainly not active on Wikia, but I will be giving beraucrat rights to Dronian and Bill9929. I believe they are trusted users who know what they are doing.

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