There is a boy that I know, who is

Five foot three, odd, and very lazy.

However, despite all of this, he has

True intelligence, hidden under the crazy

Stephen is his name, and he really wants

To be a big name that appears on the big screen.

Right now, though, he eats expired croissants

And takes rides in his father's Pinto bean.

However, he once dropped a paper

For his English class. I picked it up

and I saw a very large caper; he

somehow rhymed orange! I did a closeup.

The paper read;

“What's up? Name's Steven, and I can rhyme orange.

Even though you think I can't do this, you can

Check out how I am one of the most inge-

nious guys in my classroom, even moreso than 'Peter Pan'.

(There's also Blorenge, a hill in Wales.)

I can also rhyme silver;

You probably don't give a flying damn...

But, did you know that the word chilver means

A female lamb AND itrhymes with silver? Yeah, man.

It's actually really easy to rhyme silver.

You probably think that I'm now being a pain;

Even though it’s kind of cheating, quicksilver

Is a rhyme, albeit with silver in the name.

I can't think of any more rhymes for silver

that isn't quicksilver or chilver.

But I do know one for W.

Okay, I'll stop now! Sorry to trouble you.”

(Droninote: This story was originally called "Oh, Stephen Waits" and ended at the orange rhyme. The rest of the poem was called "Silver Rhymes" and consisted of me talking about words that rhyme with silver.)